Day 24 – Thankful for Jesus

This is part of a series called 24 Days of Thankfulness. These posts are in RANDOM order, NOT priority order. Each is something I am thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving.

DAY #24: Thankful for Jesus

I saved the best for last. He who is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

He Created me.

He Died for me.

He Saved me.

He Rose for me.

He Sought me.

He Drew me.

He Invited me.

He Heard me.

He Accepted me.

He Sustains me.

He Forgives me.

He Walks with me.

He Reminds me.

He Helps me.

He Nudges me.

He Guides me.

He Disciplines me.

He Heals me.

He Encourages me.

He Equips me.

He Accepts me.

He Abides with me.

He Comforts me.

He Gets me.

He Loves me.

He Prays for me.

He Knows me.

He Waits for me.

He Defends me.

He is Patient with me.

I am nothing without Him.

I am Thankful for Him today.

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