A Presidential Visit to your Kids Ministry?!?!

Imagine if the President of the United States heard about your kids ministry and decided he needed to see if for himself?

That’s exactly what happened to a Sunday School Director named Dwight Lyman Moody… and the President was none other than Abraham Lincoln!

I have the honor of being the first children’s pastor on staff at the church he founded well over 100 years ago, The Moody Church.

While he is known primarily as the Billy Graham of the previous generation, his ministry began as a children’s evangelist and he had a HUGE impact on the creation and growth of Sunday School. At a time when many churches were supported by ‘rented pews’ Moody rented pews for street kids. When he was told the children weren’t welcome in church (Big Church) he started a Sunday School for street kids that grew so big and well respected that Abraham Lincoln visited one Sunday to see it for himself! Imagine having the President of the United States drop in to see your kids ministry. Moody was passionate about kids but as his ministry grew, his focus shifted to adults.

He said at the end of his life,

“If I had my life to live over again, I would devote it entirely to reaching children with the Gospel.”

His school is still training kids workers to this day!

You may not see the President of the United States visit your kids ministry, but someone who far out-rankes him visits every week… Jesus! Is your ministry worthy of Him? Are you doing your best? Are you reaching as many kids as possible, and not just the ‘easy’ ones, but the ones that others reject or overlook?

If so, Jesus will show up at YOUR MINISTRY to see it for Himself, and to add His blessing and power while He’s there!


PS: If you are curious about the history of children’s ministry, you may enjoy this thread in the Kidology forums.

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