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If you are like me (and I know I am), you don’t just want to teach the Bible to kids, you want them to learn to use it themselves.


Footsteps was designed to help kids learn to navigate the Bible with expertise. It is a 52 week curriculum designed to take 20 minutes a week to help kids learn how to pronounce, find and categorize of every book in the Bible.


It utilizes games and age appropriate quizzes and also includes a catchy books of the Bible song as well.


For more info, check them out at:

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  1. It seems that you are covering several new vendors this year that I am not familiar with, and this is one of them. I will have to check them out, thanks for the references and covering this one. BK

  2. I did check out this booth and compared some notes with them. Although they are not a big vendor, their materials appear pretty solid.

  3. Hey, Karl! I enjoyed meeting you at CPC Nashville. The thrust of the program is to give children the gift of navigating the Bible so that teachers can freely use Bibles to teach lessons (including cross-referencing). Kids love reading the story for themselves instead of having it told to them.

    In my presentation of the Footsteps Curriculum to Children’s Pastors, a recurrent theme is that teachers don’t use the Bible in classroom because it takes too long to help children find the scriptures. Why don’t we just teach them the skill instead, so that this is no longer an issue?

  4. I personally know the inventor/creator of this product. If you know the story behind it, you know it is unquestionably a God inspired product which fulfills His word of teaching the children. While the kids are having fun, they are learning, learning, learning!

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