Creative Video Bible Story Telling

We’ve all seen and perhaps used videos in children’s church. But did you know you can make your own?

Here is a GREAT sample from a church where I’ll be doing some teaching training in the new year (via skype).

I think it is a great example of how you can make a video that requires NO MEMORIZED LINES!

Kids LOVE to see themselves on video – as well their friends. Plus, the experience of making the video also reinforces the learning process.

Here is how the creator of the video described it:

This was a project that was Jesus-inspired.  I have NO videography, director, script writing, etc. experience, but after a test run with my kids I thought this could be doable.  It’s shot on my iPhone 6 and as you know, edited on iMovie.

The beauty of this project is

a) no memorized lines;

b) the film shoot can be chaotic and I’m giving directions the whole time, but it’s all muted and voiced over;

c) isn’t dependent on kids all showing up on a given Sunday to perform and half of them are out for colds or vacation;

d) gives parents something to take home and share;

e) very low budget;

f) very forgiving – the foibles make the charm.

The outreach from this film was amazing.  We had one kid whose parents NEVER come to church come to see the debut.  Many of our families shared it on YouTube with friends and family and got great feedback from people who are normally closed this sort of conversation.

Blessings, Maria

Intimidated by the editing process? Easy – find an upper elementary kid or teenage to do it for you, BUT I must say, a Mac computer comes with iMovie as part of the operating system making it super easy to make videos!

Go for it! Make your own video for the kids at your church. If you have a YouTube Channel, let me know! I’d love to see your videos!

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