Fisheye Fun on Mom’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day! So, of course, we were celebrating Sara today! Luke even picked out his first present for mommy. (Actually, it was his first time going shopping to pick out a present for someone, and how appropriate that it be for mom!) After brunch at mommy’s favorite restaurant, we headed to the park to play. Dad brought along his new fish eye lens which he got for Yosemite Summit which is coming up fast!

I had some fun experimenting with a fish eye lens, its very cool!

The Bastian Family – Mother’s Day 2009

Luke at the bottom of the slide

Whoa! That looks pretty intimidating!

Peeking up over the side as the boy approaches

Is that MY kid? What a cutie!

A here is the official MOM OF THE YEAR in the Bastian House!

and why do we love her so much? here are just a few reasons:

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