Looks Like a Binkey

The all new Kidology.org has just gone live, and we were having fun showing Luke the walk-out videos (linked below) and Sara was trying to explain to Luke that this website is Daddy’s job, and he just made a new website. Luke took one look at the web page and said, “Looks like a binkey.” At first we thought, “Huh?” but on a closer look, we could see what he was talking about:

I guess our logo does look a little like a binkey, after all!

We hope the new website will pacify many as they seek to reach and teach kids for Jesus!

Check out the walk about videos at these links:

What is Kidology? and Who is Karl?

For an overview of all that is new, be sure to visit: What’s New?

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  1. Love the new layout Karl! Well done on the redesign!


    David Wakerley’s last blog post..Earn your position

  2. It sort of acts like a binkey, too, for those of us who come to the website in a panic looking for a last minute idea. We find just what we’re looking for and “Ahhhhhh!” we feel better.

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