We’re Moving to Colorado

Yes, we are packing everything up and moving to Colorado this month!

In his book Visioneering, Andy Stanley makes the following statement:

“Everybody ends up somewhere in life.  A few people end up somewhere on purpose.”

I have been in Chicagoland since my parents brought me here in 1985. My wife has been here since she married me! I LOVE the city of Chicago! The architecture, the sports teams, the political corruption, the hustle and bustle, the malls (that’s for Sara) the blizzards (yes, I love to snow blow), and the friends made over the years, will all be things I will miss. It is a world class city. I have traveled throughout the world as well as the United States and there is NO CITY like Chicago – not even close.

But in m

y heart I’ve always been an outdoors guy. And after hosting two Yosemite Summit retreats, nearly dying in April, and again in May, it was time to stop putting off for “someday” what could be done now.

I grew up in Colorado where my dad pastored a country church in Elizabeth, Colorado. We got picked up from school on Friday and drove to the country where my

imagination was unleashed and bows and arrows and BB guns and a countryside to explore were all mine before returning to Denver for the week. I even had a horse that was “mine” named Rusty that a rancher we called Rollie let me ride

freely all over his property. My preacher dad’s sermon prep and prayer retreats were also father-son weekend camp outs where I fought off Indians, discovered lost civili

zations and explored abandoned mines and railroad cars while he studied before we made a camp fire and then argued the finer points of Calvinism and Eschatology over s’mores. Those were the days!

Becoming a father myself has changed me deeply in ways I can’t even put into words. T

he ambitions that drove me in my younger days – to be a “mover and shaker” in the world of children’s ministry – to make an impact in as many kids as possible and to equip and encourage as many workers as possible – suddenly slipped behind becoming a better husband and wanting to be the best dad in the world to this ONE boy rather than a great teacher or entertainer to the crowds of children I used to regularly stand in front of.

Don’t get m

e wrong, my Calling has not changed! My life mission is still to Reach and Teach as many children as possible with the Good News of God’s Love and in the process to Enlist, Equip and Encourage others to do the same. But my ministry

hot rod crashed three years ago from going too fast in too many directions for too long and I’ve been rebuilding it for three years from the inside out. And its a much slower vehicle now. And it needs some new roads to drive on and some new scenery. Like Rascal Flatts sings in I’m Moving On, “I never dreamed home would be where I don’t belong.” I’ve reached a point in my life where after nearly 25 years in Chicago, I need a fresh start and it is time to start again back where I began as a boy. (And as a bonus, my dad is back in Colorado too now – so we’ll be close to Grandpa and Grandma for Luke!)

I’m looking forward to a mountain view and hiking trails to walk with the family on – to  riding my recumbent bike more and to practicing my photography more. And t

o being in a place where it is easier for me to simply be still and know my Creator more. There is a State Park just minutes from my new home where I plan to hang out with the Maker of that park quite often!

And, yes, I plan to find a church to minister in and will continue to serve the Lord and others thr

ough Kidology.org. But sorry, the hype-active super-busy over-achiever Karl has faded away

and the new, much slower paced, chilled out, freer Karl is moving with his family to Colorado. I’ve called myself a recovering pastor for three years – the recovery is about complete – the final step is this move. A fresh start in a new place.

Thank you for your interest, your support, your grace and your friendship.


Thank you to everyone who showed up to help us LOAD in Illiois and then UNLOAD in Colorado. It was awesome to see folks from Twitter show up to help us unload! (Since we didn’t know anyone in Colorado! Now that is the power of social networking!

NOTE: There is NO change to Kidology.org operations, staff or address.

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  1. Good for you, Karl! I am happy for this new phase of your life.
    I’m too far away to help on either end, but you and your family will be in my prayers.

  2. Always wanted to move West…. Maybe someday…

  3. Yay for you, Karl! Realizing a dream is so totally awesome! I have a truck and would LOVE to help you move, but I can’t get the time off. Bummer. Well, keep us all posted! Welcome to the west!

    Kristy ;o)

  4. Good for you guys! If you and Sara want to have a break half-way, give us a jingle, and we can make it happen!

  5. My brother, I am so happy for you and your family. Colorado is gorgeous…I was born and lived a major portion of my life in the southern part of the state. My three children were born there. Most of my family still lives there. Although I’ve lived in Oregon for seventeen years, Colorado is still “home.” God has indeed led you well…and by faith I believe that your new adventures will be even more exciting than before. God bless you, Karl and have FUN.

  6. Can’t wait to come visit sometime :)

  7. The visits are what I am looking forward to as well. Great fishing, camping and all. Thanks for your transparency my friend, it is very wise to continue to take care of your family and heart. Praying for you and your family as always.

    There is no kind of better ministry for you to have created and to be over than Kidology. Chicago, Colorado, Egypt doesn’t matter it travels with you and keeps on accomplishing all at the same time.

  8. Karl, I have nothing but good feelings about this! It’s so exciting! Blessings on your newest adventure! I know that God will be hiking and exploring along with you! :D

  9. Karl, welcome to the west. Our church is ONLY children (a bus ministry in Hungry Horse, MT). There are plenty of kids out here! Check out our web page and let me know if you would like a copy of the article about our ministry to the kids of ‘the canyon’ that was written up in the MT baptist publications.

  10. Karl, congratulations!! I am very excited for you and your family. I think your decision was great, and I hope more dads and moms will hear what you said and act on the truths that you expressed. I know God will bless you!

  11. I have always felt like you were my younger brother…which you are, but…anyway…I am so excited for you and your family. It is so great that you are getting this opportunity. I am praying for you, Sarah and Luke that God will bless you beyond what you can imagine.

  12. Dear Karl and Sara and Luke,
    We praise God for His leading to you all, and know Colorado is a wonderful place but . . . we have a lump in our throats. We are going to miss you all very much. We will pray for your move.

  13. Karl, Sara and Luke,
    Thank you for the years of friendship and more importantly the time and energy given to guide and instruct children, including our own kids, in Chrisitan Education. The chairs will be empty and you will be missed.

    The Barretts

  14. Ever since you were too stressed to speak at our conference in Murrieta, CA. I prayed for you, knowing you were worn out. It is so good that you realized the need and the fresh start will be great for your family and you. I appreciate your ministry.

  15. May I encourage you in this new season of ministry that you have begun. There is no sweeter time of ministry than this and you have found it earlier than most. Enjoy!
    May the Lord bless you and keep,
    The Lord make His face shine on you,
    And be gracious to you;
    The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.

  16. Bastian’s Our prayers go with you and we will look forward to how God uses you and inspires you and spurs you on to more love and good deeds.
    With hearts connecting
    Dave and Rennie
    on training tour in the Maritimes of Canada
    Joshua 3

  17. Thank you for being real and transparent! I wish you and your family all of God’s best as you seek to follow Him in all areas of your life. Thank you for pouring your life into sooooo many of us!

  18. Dear Karl, Sara, and Luke:
    We know that moving is not easy, esp when you have company stuff to move as well as your home stuff. So we are coming to help you get settled into your home in Colorado.
    We glad that the timing is beautiful. What is more beautiful than Colorado in the fall.
    If Luke is bored, grandpa will take him for long walks on that path near your new house and grandma will help her very favorite daughter get things placed in just the right places.

    Love and prayers always, see 11 Cor 4:18

  19. Great! I lived in Chicagoland (OakBrook) for 2 years and now am in Northern New Mexico (Farmington) childrens pastoring in my home church. If you pass through stop by we will buy you lunch!


    A brother in Christ and fellow minister to children

    Brandon Hampton
    505 360 8340

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