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OOTAAs my blog readers probably know, I wrote a novel for kids called The Order of the Ancient. You expects kids to love a good novel, but I’m always so extra encouraged when I get notes from parents and adults on how my novel for kids impacted them as adults… which was always an intent in my writing it, and why the language of the books was never ‘dumbed down’ to simply kids vocabulary. Here is an e-mail I got today that not only made my day, but asked some key questions that showed great insight into what is coming in book two:

Hi Pastor Karl- This summer our daughter Breenah attended Timber-lee Christian Camp and loved everything you said and did.  We purchased your book and read it as a family.  The spiritual growth in our family as we were reading this book was awesome (especially for Mom and Dad).  As adults this book spoke to our hearts about the way we take our Bibles for granite and our time with God. God used this to change the heart of our family- Thank you!!

We would like to know when the next book is coming out? If there is no more books in this series please answer a few questions for us. (1) Is Josiah’s father still alive in prison and will Jeremiah find him in there? (2) What about “Brent’s” Guardians, will they become believers?  (3) Will Josiah and Amy grow up and get married? (4) Is this book taking place before or after the rapture?  As you can see we are hooked and would love to hear from you!!!   Love- The Seivert Family

because I answer e-mails like this often, but because they asked both the common quesions but also some rather unique ones, I thought I’d answer their e-mail publicly in case others may have similar curiosities. And if there happens to be anyone out there who would like to fund the printing of Book Two, let me assure you, we have the demand, we lack only the funds for the initial printing!

Dear Brooke,

Without spoiling the next book, which I am writing and lack only the funds to print, there are some VERY cool developments and I am very impressed with your insights into it… so I will tell you: Yes! Jeremiah is reunited with Josiah’s dad in a VERY cool way, but that’s all I can tell you without spoiling it for you. Brent’s Guardians? Hmmmm…. you’ll just have to pray for them (as much as you can pray for fictional characters!) Brent and Amy’s romance? I’ll keep you guessing, but tell you, I do like happy endings.  Theologically, the book takes place before the rapture, in fact, in the same theological time period WE are in. The only difference is that the freedom we enjoy as Americans has been removed, so the challenges faced in the book are the same we would face if we didn’t have the freedom we have here in America and are the same many of our brothers and sisters in Christ face around the world today. I wanted kids to understand what it is like to live for God in other areas of the world. What would it be like to be a Christian if it wasn’t “safe?”

The next book is VERY cool, and very different. Rather than taking place during the next year of school, it takes place during the summer break. Less of a ‘Harry Potter’ in school feel, it is more of a Lord of the Rings journey feel, as they learn of other Remnant groups gathering in far away places without the Book of Books and set out to take copies of the Book of Books to them and have to travel on foot through dangers to get there avoiding capture while Jeremiah has an adventure of his own in prison being reunited with David and discovering a grander plot…. but, again, I’d said too much. While the last book emphasized salvation this one will emphasize missions.

Has your family read the Christmas short story I released last year? You’ll enjoy it! You can get it here:

Josiah, and the Mysterious Child

and there is a discussion guide if you’d like to dig a little deeper into the novel:

The Order of the Ancient – Discussion Guide

THANKS AGAIN for writing and please keep in touch!!!

It’s been several years since my novel was written and I am continually encouraged by the impact it in having on young readers young and old alike. It’s a unique book. It has a compelling and exciting story – and yet it delves into theological and apologetic issues in a way few children’s books do without every getting boring. If you haven’t read it – regardless of your age, I’d encourage you to check it out! And right now, the new discussion guide if FREE with a case order! Call it shameless promosion, but I’ve seen the impact of this novel on so many kids it’s worth the backlash if a few kids can benefit from it. Over and over I hear kids call it the best book they ever read and all the honor and glory goes to God for the story and the impact is all about Him!

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