Who is My Neighbor?

In the continuing saga of Kid-Sizing the Adult Mission Statement, the second lesson is now available! In our quest to unpack “Jesus in My Neighborhod” we’ve already explored Who is Jesus, so next we needed to look at “Who is My Neighbor?”

Once again, we started by asking the puppets! This time, I went to the park and decided to ask some puppets at random, who they thought their neighbor was. Here are some of the answers I got when I asked,

“Who is your neighbor?”

Once again, I got a bunch of wrong answers. At the end, the final guy got really close – telling the story of the Good Samaritan, but then missing the point! Your neighbor isn’t anyone who is a Samaritan, but anyone who is in need!

The entire lesson is available on Kidology.org for members. (Includes a download of the above video.) Once I finish all three lessons, I will make everything available, PowerPoints and all. It’s been a fun series to teach.

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