My Canadian Buddy, Tyler

Here is a picture of my Canadian buddy, Tyler, doing what he loves best:


I have never met Tyler in person (yet!) but I hope to some day! His parents are missionaries in a remote part of northern Canada, where kids church looks like this:

(Tyler in the yellow shirt)

I got to know Tyler via his mom when I learned that he is a big fan of, my novel (Order of the Ancient), and my blog. In fact, I am blogging about him today in order to encourage him with his new blog, since I just discovered tonight that he credited me as his “inspiration” to begin his blogging career:

Maybe some of the zillions who come here can visit his blog and leave a comment to encourage him!

Here is Tyler, at a local landmark–the moose head at the gas station, with the autographed copy of my novel I sent him after I learned that he only had the downloads and needed to clear up some harddrive space and was sad to lose it. (The book was released originally online a chapter a week, which is when Tyler read it)

Here is Tyler in trouble with the UFP, er, I mean, the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police). Not really, this was at a police station open house.

According to his mom, Lori, in explaining her son’s fascination with my websites and ministry, said Tyler “was happy to find an adult with an unnatural fascination with Legos, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.”

I think he is just a Children’s Pastor in the making! But whatever God’s plan is for this young man, I’m excited to watch it unfold.

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  1. Okay, these pictures are a from a while back. I’m older than I look in them. (and I got a haircut)

  2. Ted’s lucky! He gets a free book promotion.

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