Who is Jesus? Ask the Puppets!

Started my 3-week series in Kids Church this week with WHO IS JESUS? and what better way to start out, than to do a “Man on the Street” interview segment… but instead, I did a “Puppet on the Street” segment, or rather, to be more precise, “Puppets Out On My Back Deck.” But anyway, here was the result:

If you noticed, it started raining! I get all the equipment set up, which is quite extensive for a quick video, tripod, camera, and for outdoors you need a mic and mic cables and then booster and power and amp and power strip and then extension cords and clip on and various adapters – and even so the wind was still a challenge. I had 24 minutes of tape left and a wife telling me dinner was ready in 17 minutes and the sun going down and its a Saturday idea, and no script! Just a tub of puppets! It was literally grab and talk and let the puppet decide what it would say! (Kinda like TBT) And then with clear skies while in the middle of recording – rain. Go figure. But I just kept going since I had very little tape and sunlight and when I was done, of course the rain stopped too. Life and kids ministry is funny some times.

For those who asked, I did post my first lesson in this series for Kidology Members and it includes a 48MB download of the above video you can use in your ministry. But as a freebie for blog readers, I am posting the Real Jesus Game Show PowerPoint here for you! It was a fun game show that helped the kids learn some things about Jesus and the prize was a Jesus Action Figure! (of course)

Enjoy the PowerPoint, or get all the goods over on Kidology.org

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  1. Love puppets! Love Jesus! This was just hilarious!

  2. Karl,

    Nice video, but what I noticed most was the view from your back yard. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit jealous. :)

  3. Wayne, indeed, sometimes Jesus does ask us to suffer for Him, and my view is one of my sufferings for Jesus. On a clear day I have to look at the Rocky Mountain Range too beyond the rolling hills and the wandering cattle. I know, it’s rough. When they built that road going through it last fall, (you saw those cars driving by?) I really began to struggle with resentment. Please pray for me.

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