It’s Kid’s Ministry, Pal!

Despite the popularity of my ToyBox Tales, I don’t consider “voice impersonations” a talent of mine. I believe the secret of ToyBox Tales is simply the humor and (more importantly) a grown up entering the world of children and playing to teach the Bible – BUT, having said that – Micky Mouse is one voice I have down pat, so much so, when I do it at Disneyland, I get heads to turn and have people thinking the REAL mouse is coming around the corner! Granted, I usually only do this for my son, and when I do this at home, I add the word “Pal” to the end of every sentence. (Quite to the annoyance of my wife!)

Well, Pal, I’m off to CPC 2011 in the morning, and it’s at Walt Disney World, PAL! – and it’s my zillionth CPC, Pal! (I’ve lost track – I haven’t missed a single one since 1995.) If you will be there, Pal – it’s a special year because KIDOLOGY IS EXHIBITING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER FIVE YEARS! So look for us next to DiscipleLand, Pal.

Also, here are my workshops, all on Thursday:

8am – Technology – An Easier Way (Taught with Michael Chanley) We will be explaining some very interesting stuff on using Cloud Technology and how it can make you a better more efficient leader, Pal.

9:15 – Twitter My Facebook – All About Twitter and Facebook. What they are, if you should be on them, the difference between the two, and applications for ministry, Pal.

1:30 – Put the Pastor Back Into Your Job Description. Administration driving you nuts and pushing you away from the kids? (Which is why you got into this in the first place?) Come, I’ll show you how to rescue yourself. Many have thanked me in tears for this class, yeah, Pal.

THEN – THE KIDOLOGY GATHERING! Friday Night, Pal! After the Exhibit Hall Closes, from 9:30 to 11:30p.m. Location RIX LOUNGE, across from Pepper Grill.

Going to San Diego? Don’t miss my PRE-CON PAL! (and no, you don’t have to go to CPC to attend the pre-con.)

Oh, and we are giving away OVER $1000 in FREE KIDMIN RESOURCES TO ONE PERSON PAL!!! So, be SURE to drop by our booth for your chance to win!!!

O.K., I gotta go to sleep and dream of Minnie, er, Disney World! …… Pal.

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