Checking In with KidCheck

I recently caught up with KidCheck CEO Alex Smith and interviewed him on my podcast, Kidmin Talk. Let me encourage you to invest just a few minutes to give a listen.

WHY is this worth your time?

If you are in children’s ministry leadership, one of the areas of responsibility you inherited, that you may not have counted on when you got your Call to Ministry – was the safety of the kids you oversee.

When I meet children’s pastors/directors and ask them, “So what was it that drew you into kids ministry?” No one has ever said to me,

“You know, I just got this divine Calling from God to make sure kids were securely checked in on Sundays and all entered into the church database and that their addresses and parents cell phone numbers were all kept up to date so that we could sent text alerts. Oh, and I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that allergy awareness was just something that I was gifted at and I needed to find a profession where I could make it a major focus.”

No. No one has ever said that to me. And yet I have had leaders tell me that had no idea they’d have to worry about separated parents with restraining orders picking up their kids. Liability for custody issues concerns them!

We got into this business because we wanted to introduce kids to Jesus, creatively teach the Bible and partner with parents in discipling kids, right? But we find ourselves responsible for some other pretty serious stuff.

How do we manage all this SECURITY STUFF that we admit is important, and we might feel a little guilty that we kinda hate it, but we know gotta do it?

Enter KidCheck! Listen to my podcast and find out how modern technology has taken so much of the work away from you, delegated it to parents, and has become easier and incredibly affordable – and just plain cool too!

PLUS, Kidology Members save on the cost of KidCheck’s services!


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