Hey Hartland Campers!

Hey Hartland Campers! I’m finally home, after spending a week in Yosemite with my family. I had a Super Duper GREAT time with you at camp! I enjoyed traveling back in time and pretending to be….

Count Karl deBastian

We played our own Medieval Times Battles!

I even celebrated when I beat the kids (I know, it wasn’t even fair)

But then it was time for your favorite knight: Sir Arty Learnalot (from Sure Word Forest)

Of course, you guys liked his RAPS best of all!

I felt bad about his “arm rod issues” but its hard to wear armor when you’re a puppet!

Of course, Arty’s job was always to correct the bad teaching of my Arch Nemesis who would come out early in the worship time and write a non-virtue on my white board… you know his name…

The Duke of Defiance!

He left his evil note all over camp trying to ruin my lessons and throw you off from the Nine Virtues we were learning. In case you forgot… here are the nine Vices “The Duke” tried to teach you, and the Virtue I was teaching later in the lesson:

Here is the Duke’s Virture, followed by the REAL Virture and then the Bible Character we studied in order to see it in action!

Wimpiness / Courage (As seen in the life of David)
Fibbocity / Truth (As seen in the life of Peter)
Disnicity / Honor (As seen in Jesus as a boy)
Abondonocity / Loyalty* (As seen in the life of Esther)
Looseygooseyness / Discipline (As seen in the life of Daniel)
Mefirstiveness / Hosptitality (As seen in the life of Mary w/ Martha)
Laziosity / Initiative** (As seen in the life of Nehemiah)
Meism / God-Reliance*** (As seen in the life of Ruth)
Upgiving / Perseverance (As seen in the life of Noah)

*The virtue is actually Fidelity, but loyalty is an easier word for kids.
** The virtue is actually Industry, but I used the word initiative instead.
*** The original virtue is Self-Reliance, but as Christians we believe in God-Reliance

Then it was time to DRAW the Bible Story as I taught the lesson, I really enjoy drawing!

My artistic abilities seem to have peaked in second grade, as you can see… in grade school I was considered an awesome artist… but it seems I never improved since them! LOL

As you can see: (Watch, this picture changes every three seconds!)

If you are counting, yes, one is missing. I didn’t draw one for Noah, instead Arty rapped the story, remember.

If you’d like to see a large image of the drawings, here are some links to see them in a new window really big. Just click the ones you want to see:

COURAGE (David) | TRUTH (Peter) | HONOR (Jesus)



And then the true identy of “The Duke” was revealed when you all knelt and prayed for him and he was UNMASKED! And we learned about the “Duke inside of all of us” and read from Romans 7:15-25 and remember our paraphrase of Galatians 5:17

For the “The Duke in side you” (your sin nature) desires what is contrary to the Lord, and the Lord what is contrary to “The Duke.” They are in conflict with each other, so that you you do not do what you want.

We talked about how our sin nature is like the “Duke,” he chooses the easy way or the way that comes naturally, instead of God’s Way, or the virtuous way.

It was a lot of fun getting to know you all and sharing the week at camp with you! Here are some of the links online that you were asking for that I promised to post:

My novel for kids: www.OrderoftheAncient.com

My online videos for kids: www.ToyBoxTales.com (Be sure to look at the older seasons for the action figure movies!)

Where to buy Speed Stacks: www.Kidology.org/SpeedStacks

My beating the World Champ video I mentioned: Karl vs. Emily Fox

Me on CBS News dressed as a Jedi Knight: Jedi Karl on CBS News

If you are looking for this guy:

Cal, the totally awesome worship guy’s website is: calscripturesongs.net

O.K., that picture wasn’t nice, so to be fair, here is ME too, with the fisheye lens:

I hope you had a great week! I’m excited for those of you who made a decision to follow Jesus! If you did, I’d love to hear from you! If you have a fun memory or just want to say “hi” you can leave a comment below. I will respond via e-mail if you leave your e-mail address.

Keep following God!

Most of the Amazing photography in this post is by Heather Dunn,
a woman who volunteers for six weeks at Hartland to do photography.

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  1. I have enjoyed the pictures, looks like you had some great fun.

  2. Hi Pastor Karl! My son was a junior camper at Hartland last week and he wanted to visit your website. He really enjoyed your lessons and learned so much. I love your drawings. What a great teaching technique. Keep up the great work!

  3. hi karl,

    im ian i was at Hartland i was wondering if you made videos of artey i dont know how to spell his name of him rapping

  4. Becky, Thanks for the encouragement – so glad your son enjoyed camp, Hartland is a wonderful camp, it was my first time there, but I hope to be back! Everyone on staff there has such a great heart for the Lord and the campers. I love teaching and drawing, its kinda an “old school” way to teach, but since hardly anyone uses it now, it comes off as “new” to the kids who are inundated with video today. They seemed to connect with it. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Ian, so glad YOU were at Hartland the week I was there! While I don’t have any videos of Arty rappin’ – the camp is going to be sending me a CD with the lessons, and I think they might have Arty rappin’ on them, it will depend on when they started recording, they probably do. Once I get that CD, I will be uploading the full lessons to this post for campers (and parents) to listen to!

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