Hello Sky Mountain Campers!

Hello Sky Mountain Campers! Welcome to my blog!

If you typed in www.pastorkarl.com – you are at the right place, it just switches to Kidologist.com once you get here. This is my “home” on the web, and from here you can “jump” to all my different websites. I’ll be updating this post as I get more pictures and videos posted, so be checking back, but I wanted to get a post up right away, before I left camp!

If you want to e-mail me, here’s what to do. I don’t want to post the e-mail online, otherwise I’ll get a bunch of SPAM! (that’s junk e-mail) But YOU can e-mail me! Here’s what to do!

Just e-mail the name of the name of the cool Robot Puppet that I had at camp, followed by @kidology.org – and that will go right to me!

If you want to write a letter to me, just e-mail and ask for my address, and I’ll send it to you. Got that? For example, IF the robot’s name was BOB, the e-mail would be BOB@kidology.org Of course, it wasn’t BOB, but YOU know what it was!

I look forward to hearing from you, and I always write back! (But please be patient if it’s not instant!)

What a beautiful camp, and what a great place to connect with God!


If you are looking for the “BEAR STORY” you can find it: HERE. But here is a sneak peek at the picture: (click image to see it bigger)

You can see other bear pictures of mine on my Yosemite Website: YosemiteSummit.org – They aren’t all in one place, the best thing to do is watch the highlight videos linked at the top, 2008, 2009, 2010, etc.

If you want to see me on CBS News, dressed like a Jedi, I’d rather you NOT watch it, but you can read about it, and watch it here: http://tinyurl.com/KarlonCBSnews

If you haven’t been to TOYBOXTALES.com – you for sure will want to check that out, and be sure to go back into the Archives where the Action Figure Movies are, especially the Star Wars ones, you will love them!

Oh, and did you see my awesome hiking stick?

Oh, and I’m sure you miss my cool Transformer hand, so here is a picture of it to show your mom and dad:

But one of my highlights – besides seeing some of you make important decisions for Christ and many get baptized – was going on the hike to the water fall, and joining the Elite Polar Bear Club! If you didn’t get to experience this bone chilling event, I have good news for you… I video taped it and posted it on YouTube!

I had a lot of fun getting to know all of you! It was a great week – I hope you learned a lot and that you experienced God transforming you as we looked through the Bible at different people that God transformed in the Bible.

If you liked my stories, you’ll love my novel that I wrote for kids your age!  You can check out the website for the book here: It is called The Order of the Ancient. You can order it here: BUY KARL’S BOOK! SPECIAL DEAL: If you use the coupon code: skymtn when you check out, it will take $2 off the cost of the book, how’s that? AND mention you are from Sky Mountain Camp in the comments, and we’ll make sure it is shipped from my house and I’ll auto-graph the book and personalize it for you – be sure to put your name too, so I can put your name in it for you!

I will be praying for you as you head back home and back to your regular life situations that they transformation you experienced at camp will ‘stick’ and that you will continue to see God working in your life as you follow Him!

I’ll be adding more to this page later… so be sure to check back! I look forward to hearing from you! Follow the instructions at the top for e-mailing me, and don’t worry about how to spelling the puppets name, I’ve set up several different ways – so you can’t go wrong!

UPDATE: Here is the 2012 Sky Mountain Camp Picture:

Click on the image to see it BIG (2 MB!)

Can you find me? If you were at camp, can you find yourself???

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