The Gospel According to Flying Chickens?

I’m currently speaking at Camp Timber-lee, and posted on Facebook that I got to share the Gospel with flying chickens this morning!

Gave me the idea… I wondered if anyone might like to take a stab at guessing how one might share the Gospel with flying chickens! For the BEST “Gospel Presentation with Flying Chickens” provided in comments, whether it is the one I used, plain funny, or another great original idea – I’ll mail you one of MY flying chickens!

I’m teaching this week on Spiritual Climbing, a topic I have done here many times, so I wanted to a take a totally new approach (my past series is available on Kidology) so I am going through the Awesome Adventure Series (gave a copy to each camper) adding an object lesson with a piece of hiking equipment I use when I go hiking and comparing to spiritual growth, but for the game, I created 12 games with these flying chickens I got on sale at an outlet store! The store couldn’t believe it when I took every chicken in the store up to the counter!

But when you find something that is usually over $10 for only $3 – a smart children’s pastor buys them all! Every game is now an object lesson that fits my lesson! The campers are going nuts over these flying chickens, and they even make noise after they hit the ground. You HAVE to have unique games like this when you are a camp speaker, it ends up being the high light. Of course, I have a new puppet as well, he is a monkey name Pogi, who sounds like Yogi Bear, but Pogi is a Filipino word. Go ahead, Google it.

SO THE CONTEST IS ON! How would YOU share the Gospel with Flying Chickens? Share in Comments? (or just comment for fun!)

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  1. I immediately think of setting up a target to try to hit with the chickens. (reminds me now of Angry Birds.) All the chickens fall short. Tie in Romans 3:23 and other verses.

  2. LOL – I have already made a reference to “Angry Chickens!” as they fly through the air! LOL

  3. They would make a impact during the telling of the story where Peter denied Jesus. Every time the rooster crows, you could send the flying chicken through the air. All the while, Peter’s trying to catch him and quiet him down.

  4. Well, Karl, You know I would crow as loud as I could about sharing the gospel of Jesus and I wouldn’t just peck or cluck. Making no bones about being one with Jesus is egg-actly what we need to be. Hen-e-one who believes would receive a great gift that is better than a golden egg (oops thats a goose that does that) :) Sorry to lay an egg, I’ve been sleep deprived and at camp, I’ll see if I can wing something better.

  5. Tom, I might just send you an “honorary mention” flying chicken! ROFL

  6. Hi,
    Those chickens are awesome, if I find some in Australia I’m getting them.
    A thought that crossed my mind is that chickens can’t fly, they can only flap around a bit, but with some one giving a hand they can soar to great heights. On our own we can spend a lot of time just falpping around, but with Jesus behind us we too can soar to great heights. Nothing is impossible

  7. Karl, you gotta do the Chicken Dance sometime this week!!!

    Funny story — not related to the gospel but to chickens, sort of. One year in Awana our commander “rewarded” the clubbers for raising a lot of money for our Awana missionaries by allowing himself to be slimed by the clubbers and then covered with feathers. We all ended the night by doing the Chicken Dance. What a Kodak moment and what a memory maker for all those kids. They still talk about it years later.

    I did think of another idea for sharing the gospel with chickens. I teach preschool and early elementary kids so we often read the story of Chicken Little. She got scared when she thought the sky was falling. She gathered all her other bird friends to go tell the king but they ran into Foxy Loxy who ate them. End of story. Hmmm… 1 Peter 5:8 warns us about the devil prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Some people fear dying but they are influenced by their friends and family members (who don’t know Jesus) and they don’t “go to the King” for help. Yet He’s the one holding out the gift of eternal life.

  8. I’ve got chickens on the brain today. I can’t stop thinking about this challenge. LOL
    I was just thinking chickens probably weren’t really made to fly. I’m not an expert but it seems to me like chickens seem rather content to live on the ground and peck around for food. Their feet are better suited to walking than perching. And aren’t their wings smaller than other birds their size. Besides that, farmers usually clip their wings to keep them from flying much. The only time I’ve seen chickens “flying” is when they’ve been trying to get away from some perceived danger and then it looks more like flapping and jumping rather than flying and they never go very far.
    I’m thinking this sounds like a good story for a children’s book — the chicken who wanted to FLY. He could try all kinds of ways to fly — jump off the hen house, jump off the hen house and land on a trampoline, …. Maybe he could end up getting on an airplane and flying high and going far, far away. Hmmmmm, he needed help to get to his destination — just like we need help from Jesus to get to Heaven.
    I like this theme. It’s fun. Now if I could only get it out of my brain. I do have other things I need to work on today. LOL

  9. I would talk about launching out to tell the world about Jesus. The great commission. Don’t be “chicken” when it comes to being obedient to Jesus. I would pair up the kids (facing each other about 10 feet apart) Then use the chicken as the kids launch them themselves as they share ways to show the love of Jesus to others, as the chicken lands in their partners hands.

    LOVE the idea of flying chickens! There is soooooo much you could use them for.

  10. Lauri, I am waving a flying chicken in front of you… back and forth… back and forth… you are getting sleepy… VERY sleepy… you are forgetting ALL about the flying chicken theme and no more ideas will come to you any more so you can get other things done… WAIT! You just thought of another one and start typing on my blog…

  11. Karl, it worked! I did manage to get other things accomplished this afternoon and I haven’t thought about chickens at all.
    It’s just fun to have a challenge once in awhile. Something that can cook on the back burner of my brain. My problem is that often times those things are more fun and interesting than the current tasks at hand.
    Have a great rest of camp!

  12. Hey Karl! I was deeply saddened to hear of the loss of one of you chickens. I hope it wasn’t too traumatic for either you or the campers. What a horrible tragedy. You have my sincerest condolences.
    But … I was thinking … even a headless chicken can be used to help share the gospel. It might even make a stronger impact, especially after he had time to become loved by all the campers.
    Ecc. 3:1-2a “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens (even launching flying chickens): a time to be born and a time to die …”
    Heb. 9:27-28 “Just as people are destined to die once and after that to face judgement, so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many and He will appear a 2nd time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for Him.”
    We never know when we might die. Are we ready to face our Maker?

  13. Karl,
    I love the flying chicken. I would use the flying chicken, with written scriptures tucked into its mouth, to remind the kids that “going forth to spread the Gospel” can sometimes be scary. But even a chicken can spread the good news of Jesus Christ. This would be a great tool for teaching evangelism to the younger kids, as well as the young at heart adults.

  14. When Moses was in the desert leading the people out of bondage, they saw the mighty hand of God as He guided them across the Red Sea. But when they began to grumble for thirst, God still loved them. He brought water in the dessert, but did you know that when Moses struck the rock, that out popped water bottles?!! How amazing is that! (the children loved it!) And later when they were complaining of being humgry, God sent manna for them as food. (which taste and looks a lot like miniature marshmallows believe it or not! (the children loved that too!)
    (So when I read your challenge about flying chickens, I began to think why not?) God later sent the again grumbling people quail (of which I’m sure could taste a lot like chicken!) hehe, I think I will use that one! Thanks!

  15. Flying chickens. Ministry. Is is possible? Could the two be married together resulting in offspring that teaches the Gospel? Yes! The idea of flying chickens makes me think about how God can make the impossible happen. Simple fact: “Chickens don’t fly”. Through God, chickens can fly. The same can be said about Moses parting the Red Sea and Jesus walking on water. In Matthew 19:26, Jesus says “With man this (the disciples asked who can be saved) is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
    Salvation through our own power ain’t going to happen. Only through God, who can make chickens fly, can do this. And flying chickens would probably make great target practice for shooting rubberbands off your fingers or a rubberband gun. Yes? No? Ok, I’ll get back to work.

  16. Once upon a time there is this chicken, growing up in the chicken pen with the rest of its kind. Day and night they cluck and they strut, waiting to be fed, and in their spare time they will peck at each other and scratch at the dirt just like chickens do.
    This litte chicken is sick and tired doing the same meaningless thing day in and day out, and one day he looks up the sky and amazes at it blueness and its vastness, he admires the clouds floating by, they seem so free and happy. He sees birds flying over him,and wonders, “am I created just to strut and cluck, to be fattened so one day I will end up on someone’s dinner table? There must be more than these to my life.”
    The little chicken is really sad, he sits in one corner and ponders on his life. He is one unhappy little thing. One day Pastor Karl walks in and he spots this poor little chicken sitting all forlon in the corner.
    ” whats up little one? why are you so sad?”
    The little chicken looks up at big Pastor Karl,standing there bigger and taller than him, but something about this giant of a man makes little chicken safe.
    “I am just so sick and tired living here in the dirt, I know I am created to be different, and I want to live my life to its fullest, but I just don’t know how.”
    So Pastor Karl looks down at this little poor creature, lovingly he says
    ” You can live a happy and fulfilled life little chicken, but you have to trust me first.”
    “Oh yes I do !”
    So Pastor Karl lovingly picks up the little chicken and in his hand the little chicken changes into something else, he is no longer that scrawny little thing, Pastor Karl stretches him beyond his wildest imagination, and aims him towards the big blue sky with the fluffy cloud, and before you know it, little chicken soars through the air. The other chickens in the coop stop clucking and pecking and look up at the sky for the first time, and wonder what happened to that little scrawny chicken.
    The end

    Ps: Chickens do not fly, nor do they talk and think, but remember, this is only a made believe story. One thing that is definitely true , as the Bible tells me so, is that even though I am living on earth now, I am created to be heaven bound with God, I don’t have to live in all this dirt, and when put my trust in Jesus who came to the earth to save me, He will transform me to be someone I am created to be. I can live abundantly with Him forever !!

  17. Based on the verse 2 Timorthy 1:7. God has not given you the spirit of fear. The kids would be able to understand the concept of that verse by using the chickens as kids would call someone who was afraid to do something. “Don’t be chicken for Jesus” and show them that after they conquer their fears by learning to have a confident heart in the Lord, they can “fling” those chickens! (chickens representing the fear) As the chickens go flying, thats a confirmation of the fear leaving their lives!

  18. I want flying chickens!!!! I have a flying monkey that my son gave me and the kids love the flying monkey…I need to add a chicken:)

  19. Hey, Karl, did you know that September is National Chicken Month? What a great time to do a bible lesson with a flying chicken.

    Yesterday I was thinking along the line’s of Joan’s idea. It started when I was working on a caterpillar/butterfly object lesson. Suddenly that silly chicken popped into my head again and I was thinking about how God changes us and gives us a new life … but then I got stuck wondering what the chicken would change into that’d be as spectacular as the caterpillar/butterfly transformation. Even an eagle didn’t seem qutie as impressive.

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