Strange Sightings, Chicken, and Bubbles

Well, our Kidology-conference-extended-into-vacation trip is off to a good start. Travel is always a bit of a pain, and tougher with a little tot, but we are now settled. Here is a quick recap of our day.


The first of many retraining devices Luke would be in today!

Luke is a such a great traveler! He puts up so naturally with all the contrainsts of travel… car seat to stroller to tight airplane seat to stroller again to shuttle to rental car seat and hours upon hours of travel. He was strapped into something or confined to a small space from 8:30am until after 6pm! And only once complained, and even then had a good reason. (which we promptly smelled)

This being his fourth time flying (see his first flight) I gave the camera rest and just enjoyed the flight, except for a one point where Luke kept excitedly pointing out the window at something, but I could see nothing but clouds, so I took a picture with my iPhone to look at later more closely later when I could zoom in.

If you click on the picture below to view larger, maybe you can make out what Luke was so excited about seeing out the airplane window:


If you can see anything, let me know in comments.


We ate Chick-fil-A in honor of Steve and Amy Tanner.

We finally got to our resort and it is a beautiful place after dark, I can’t wait to see it in the day time. (even though Google Maps could not find it, nor our GPS, so the local gas station gave us directions when we backtracked, and said they meet most of the guests who end up at that same gas station!)

Sara went grocery shopping so Luke and I played and moved in. Sara came back with some bubble bath for Luke to enjoy in the hot tube… which for Luke will be a Luke-Warm tub… get it? LUKE warm? (never mind) Anyway, I decided to try the bubble bath stuff and it didn’t seem to work, so I kept adding more, and nothing happened. Then I turned on the jets… OH BOY!


I guess Mr. Bubbles works after all!

Well, time to head to bed, off tomorrow to hang out with Todd McKeever, Kidology’s CP Team Captain and another CP Team member… guess who? GOOD NIGHT!

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  1. I think I see Jesus walking on the clouds or is it Jesus taking a bubble bath.

    That is too funny about the tub. Is Luke in that picture? :-) HAHAHA

    Give Lueky lots of kisses for me.

    Love you all,
    Aunt Meepa

  2. Don’t you know running jets with bubbles will ruin the tub???

    Just don’t let management see that pic…

  3. Not only do I see Jesus, there also appears to be a dove…

    Karl, I think you have enough bubbles to be clean for at least a week…

  4. A (superimposed) Jesus and dove in the clouds … quite amazing …

    That darling little Luke sees Jesus walking on clouds! I wouldn’t be surprised… after all, Jesus walked on water and ascended into the heavens!

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