Chic-fil-a and Apple Computers

My eating at chic-fil-a today had NOTHING to do with my support for marriage being defined as that between a man and a woman, nor because I oppose gay marriage. BUT BECAUSE I AM AN AMERICAN.

If I ate somewhere because of my political positions, I would have to get rid of the MacBook Pro I am typing on, my iMac, my MiniMac, my MacBook Air, my iPhone, my iPad, my Apple TV, (even my Newton! LOL) and the countless Apple products my staff use and close my Christian non-profit business account I have with Apple who treats my Christian organization wonderfully giving me great discounts despite the very liberal (and often non-Christian political beliefs) of it’s owners, founders and probably a vast number of it’s employees.

But they make excellent products. And this is America – the Land of the Free.

Free to disagree with me. And free to create awesome products despite what we passionately believe religiously or politically.

That is America!

Have people FORGOTTEN THE TYRANNY our Founders FLED to found this country?

Chic-fil-a should ALSO be free to make chicken, sell chicken and it’s owner have political views that are different than what some liberal Chicago or Boston or San Franciso mayors and politicians may have and not face political and government threats.

I’m not eating at Chic-fil-a today because I agree with Chic-fil-a, but because I OPPOSE TYRANNY wherever I see it.

And I like a good chicken sandwich as much as I like my Mac.
(OK, I like my Mac a lot more, but that’s besides the point.)

God Bless America. And if you don’t believe in God, I hope He blesses you anyway!

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