Change Apple Finder Default View

This may not appeal to many, but one of my many pet peeves with Apple Lion (the beginning of the decline of Apple with the passing of Steve Jobs) is the STUPID “All Files” default view whenever you open a new finder window. One by one I am learning how to undo all the insane “improvements” Apple made to the once inherently and intuitively awesome Mac, but lately they add stupid features you have too Google how to fix. (Like the vanishing scroll bars. Arrrg. Fixed that!)

Why oh Why would you want a window that lists every file on your Mac and that takes an insane amount of time to load? The chances of something you actually need appearing in that window is highly unlikely. So you have to wait until it is done loading to click on a useful folder like Documents, or your home folder to get to what you need.

So, if that has bothered you, I have found the fix!

Simply open a new Finder Winder and go to Preferences, and under “New Finder windows show:” choose what you’d like to see whenever you open a new Finder.

While only a few options are provided, you can choose ‘other’ and as you can see from this screen shot, I choose Dropbox, since I manage all my working files in a Dropbox folder, so that all my files are always backed up and accessible on all my computers (or any computer!) as well as my iPad and iPhone. (or any ipad or iphone) and easily shared. I highly recommend Dropbox. Join using any of the links you see in this paragraph and you’ll give me some bonus space! (Thanks!)

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