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If you are at CPC Orlando this week – look for me! I often wear a BRIGHT YELLOW pull over with the Kidology Logo to help people spot me! And I never mind people saying, “Hello!” Sometimes people e-mail me later and say, “I saw you, but I didn’t want to bother you.” Nonsense. Bother me! I want to meet you!



He’ll be hanging out at the DiscipleLand booth during the Resource Center times to answer questions and tell folks all about DiscipleTown!


Don’t miss this annual casual and intimate late night gathering that we’ve been doing for years! This year it will be on Thursday evening, January 17th, during and after the Phil Vischer Show at the Rix’s, which is right across from the Pepper Grill, which is the main eating cafe down by the lake. (The Pepper Grill will be closed.) We will be inside over near the Rix Cafe where you’ll be filling those giant free refill cups, but in the seating area!

Come enjoy some relaxed fellowship, fun and conversation about life, ministry and whatever comes up. It is always a great time.


Karl is teaching two workshops on Friday, January 18th

Breakout #5 at 9:30amMaking Your Discipline Problems Disappear

Breakout #7 at 2:15pmMutiny! The Kids Are Taking Over Kids Church!

If you are wanting to connect with Karl, and having a hard time – feel free to DM via Twitter at @Kidologist and try to arrange a time/place to connect. Karl loves to meet Kidology folks at CPC! As I said back in 2008, it’s still true today: CPC is the BEST place to network!

CPC Orlando is my 41st consecutive Children’s Pastor’s Conference. I’ve not missed a single CPC since 1995. CPC San Diego will be my 42nd, and I’m 42 years old, so my CPC’s will have caught up to my age!

I look forward to seeing you there!

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