CPC San Diego Kidology Gathering



If you are here at CPC San Diego, we are having our Kidology Gathering TONIGHT at the Terrace Cafe, 10pm to Midnight!


If you are going to the GO FISH Concert (at 10pm) have no fear, we will still be there at 11pm. It was a great time last year to put faces with e-mails and enjoy some mutual encouragement! I look forward to seeing you there!



We had a fun gathering of Kidolog folks for several hours last night. (click the picture to enlarge) Not everyone is pictured and some couldn’t come, but it was a great time of fellowship, sharing struggles, praises and ideas. The highlight of CPC is always connecting with people in person, something the Internet will never replace.

I’ve been battling a cold and running at 60% power so I’ve not been able to blog or post much, but I will when I get home and feel better. Not soon enough!


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