How To Raise a Dew Baby

I had to hunt this down after one of the pictures was asked about on my Facebook page. I thought I’d go ahead and preserve it and share it for fun – though hesitantly, since I need you to know, it was in HUMOR, and I myself have been “cured” of my Mountain Dew addiction since 2009. (My name is Karl Bastian and I am a Dewoholic! But I’ve been sober for five years!)

Also, please know, I never actually gave my sweet baby any Mountain Dew! But I did find it funny that a baby bottle nipple fit perfectly over the top of a soda can, and had fun freaking people out with that fact!


(Click to view full size.)

(Click to view full size.)

Here is one of my favorites. Luke sleeping with the Lion and the Lamb. (A gift from his Aunt Barbara.)
This little baby started first grade today, hard to believe it:

They sure to grow up fast!

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