Angry Kids and Crime

Responding to the School Shooting Near My Home

This past week just a few miles from my home yet another troubled teenager entered his school, armed with weapons and explosives, fired on fellow students, before turning the gun on himself as the police closed in. While the rapid response of law enforcement minimized the potential harm to students, a young classmate now lies in a coma fighting for her life. While her parents and our nation pray for her recovery, there is another set of parents who have lost a son – and a nation asking once again, “Why?”

While the radio waves are filled with the predictable arguments over gun control laws – some have brought up the broken home this young man came from and the fact that nearly all school shootings have been committed by children of divorce. While we certainly don’t know the complete reasons for this most recent attack, we do know divorce is an attack a child’s world.

On Kidmin Talk this week I invited Wayne Stocks from to join me as we discuss what children’s ministers can and should be doing to better meet the needs of these kids to help them deal with the confusion, hurt and anger that so many of them are struggling with.

I hope you will listen and consider what you might be able to do to help kids who are struggling so that we might be able to prevent future such tragedies as we experienced this week in my community.

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