Sending Kids on a MISSION!

Kids come to church, listen, learn and then go home. But how do we impact how they live? It is so important to give children practical things they can do to live out what they are learning at church. Your curriculum likely calls that the “Application.” But just telling kids an application, doesn’t mean they’ll remember to do it! So how do you break into the routine and busyness of their week? Just like your lesson, you need to make the application fun.

As we teach kids to share, give and be generous, we need to also provide them a way to DO it.

How? Send them on a Mission!


Our church is currently collecting school supplies for teaches and students at an inner city elementary school our church has partnered with. That is their mission. My mission is to make collecting these supplies fun.

So last week, my son and I went to Walmart to demonstrate the Mission we want to send our kids on.

Here is the video we made to get our kids excited about collecting these supplies.

Making your own promo video is easy. I needed only an iPhone, a little bit of planning, and less than an hour to invest in making this. We did it in one take!

What are you doing to challenge kids to do more than listen and learn? How are they going to LIVE it?

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