Why I Do What I Do

I just got an e-mail that MADE 2014. It defined why I do what I do. I share it with his permission:

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Subject: I’m Going to Be a Children’s Pastor!

Hey Karl,

This Sunday I am going to be appointed as the Assistant Pastor of Children’s Ministries at my church. I am so excited to finally get to be focused on Pastoral ministry to kids and their families. However, when I think back over the years, I know I need to thank you. You were a HUGE encouragement to me and one of the reasons I kept pressing forward in this call.

At one point I was simply a 6th grader with a call from God, but you were one of the touch-points God used along the way in order to keep me focused on that call. I know I was not the best employee at times, but you still saw through my work and saw the call God had put on my heart. I wanted to thank you for supporting me through the years I was blogging and working for Kidology.

Honestly, I’m not always sure why you were so willing to empower me, because I know I was all over the place at the time. However, you did and you helped me continually be reminded about what God has called me to. You gave me the opportunity to have a job where I could continue to learn and prepare for the ministry that was to come.

Lord, THANK YOU for Karl! I pray that you pour out a blessing over his ministry as he humbly serves you and press forward in reaching kids for your Kingdom.

Brandon Maddux

I met Brandon at a CPC a several years ago. He was trying to meet as many experienced children’s pastors as possible so he could interview them for a podcast he had going of interviews about children’s ministry. I took him out to lunch and interviewed him. I learned of his call and passion for kids ministry and offered him a paid job at Kidology writing, collecting, and editing content so he could get into the middle of the flow of the best of kidmin content and content providers in kidmin today. I took him to conferences so we could room mate and work the Kidology booth together. We became friends. I saw a young version of myself! I visited him when I was in Californa. (His house is amazing at Christmas time!)

I constantly encouraged him in his pursuit of kidmin – but I learned from him too! I knew in time God was going to bring all his hard work to fruition and his dream of becoming a children’s pastor would come true in God’s timing.

This Sunday is that day! And I am celebrating that I got to play a part in that process, just as many others did for me. Just as he says he wonders why I kept believing in him – I used to wonder the same about those who believed in me and encouraged me when I was young. But as I told him on the phone, (I called after I read his e-mail… and after I wiped my eyes) us “older folks” have a way of seeing beyond youthfulness and seeing heart, passion and potential. Folks saw that in me… just as I saw it in him.

Congratulations Brandon, I’m so proud of you!

And to everyone out there investing in young people – for every e-mail like this, there are many others who never take the time so say “Thank You,” but you DID make a huge difference in their life, so keep on keeping on!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Galatians 6:9

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