WHY I Do What I Do

Do you know what gets me out of bed in the morning? It is one passionate belief.

“I believe that more than anything, kids need Jesus – and in order to reach them effectively, ministry needs to be FUN, CREATIVE and loaded with TRUTH.” – Karl Bastian

That is WHY I founded Kidology.org 20 years ago – and it is the driving force behind EVERYTHING we do at Kidology.

Whether you are looking at curriculum like DiscipleTown or Stickers Through the Bible – you will find that it is FUN, CREATIVE and loaded with TRUTH.

Even the fun games we create, like our Bible Clue Hunts or Christmas Bingo, are designed because we know that to effectively reach kids, church must not only be FUN, but the products must be loaded with TRUTH and something new and CREATIVE in order to capture the hearts and minds of children.

Even the 100+ Resource Providers we present in our store are selected because they offer FUN ideas in a CREATIVE way to teach the TRUTH.

If YOU believe that kids need Jesus…

And if YOU believe ministry must be CREATIVE and FUN…

And if YOU are passionate above solid TRUTH over fluff…

jesuschildrenThen you should join us in this pursuit. Join Kidology.org as a Premium Member – because if you do, you will never lack for fun, creative ideas and resources that are loaded with the Truth.

See you on Kidology.org!

PS – want to dig deeper in how to have a FUN, CREATIVE ministry that reaches and teaches kids with the TRUTH? Check out my free eBook: http://kidology.org/4pillars

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