Taking the Path Less Traveled

You’d miss it completely if you weren’t looking for it. Most walked right past it. But we enjoyed a rare treat because we were looking for the path less traveled.

I kicked off 2017 with a week of hiking in Yosemite National Park with a good friend. I lead the Yosemite Summit retreat for pastors every May, but we were eager to see this incredible place in winter. God blessed us with both fresh snow and temperatures that made hiking surprisingly easy as we stuffed hats, gloves and jackets into our backpacks… not needed!

Ahead of time we did some research on the best spots to see in winter. We discovered a secret spot off the Upper Yosemite Falls trail that afforded an amazing view of the middle falls that otherwise are impossible to see from any other location. It was amazing! We marveled that the slight detour leading to this spot was missed by most, but at the same time enjoyed that the secret was ours alone as other hikers walked on by, just a few feet away and missed it completely.

I won’t even name it here, its worthy of secrecy – but if you ask me in person I’ll gladly share the secret with you. (I’m showing the guys this place in May!)

Life is like that. It is filled with wondrous surprises placed ahead of us on the path of life. But to experience them, you have to be looking for them. You have to be willing to get off the main path. You need to plan ahead and be open to tips and advice from others who have walked ahead of you. The best things in life are off the beaten path. They lie on the side trail less traveled. But they are the things most marvelous and what make the best memories.

I pray God shows you some incredible detours this year and that you aren’t so focused on the path ahead that you miss His gentle nudges to explore a rabbit trail. What you see and experience just might be breath-taking! Soon you’ll have a remarkable story from your life’s journey.

I’m looking forward to sharing some kidmin trail tips with you this year. Make sure your membership is renewed – some cool stuff is ahead!

– Karl

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