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awana-logoSomeone asked me on Twitter today if Awana had some apps to help parents connect with their kids at home and reinforce what they are learning in club… so I thought I’d post about the awesome Awana Apps you can download from the Apple App Store, most are FREE!

CubbieAppThe NEWEST is the Cubbie App! Encourage parents of your youngest clubbers to download this so they can help their little ones learn the Bible verses to music! You can even choose the translation you’d like your Cubbie to learn with. (KJV, NKJV,NIV,ESV) In addition to the free content, there is additional in-app purchases available as well. (extra verses)

sparkieappThe Sparkie App continues to be updated and improved! This interactive story book kids can read on their own as well as with their parents. In addition to being able to choose to read or have the book read to them, there are fun interactive elements to the story that make it fun to tap around the screen and see what might happen! You can order hard cover Sparkie books within the app too!

If you are a Game Leader, then these apps will interest you!

gameappThe Games App says it is for “youth ministry” but don’t let that confuse you from thinking it means only teenagers – by youth, it means children of all ages. It’s a super app where you can search by several different categories to narrow down your game search to find just what you are looking for! Even if you don’t have an Awana Club, you’ll find this a handy kids ministry app! Narrow your search by Awana Circle games, or outdoor, riddles and puzzles, blindfolds, batons, balloons, balls, beanbags, food as well as by intensity level and skill levels.

And if you want an app to make keeping score fast and easy, check out:

awanascorekeeperappThe Game Scores App is ideal for ANY TIME you need to keep score during games. While it is organized for the four colors of the Awana Circle with Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, you can easily use it for any time you have 1 to 4 teams competing!

You simply tap to enter scores and so keep the flow of the games moving. It looks like this:


But, of course, I saved the BEST for last! The Gospel App!

awanagospelappimageawanagospelappAwana’s Gospel App keeps you ready to share the Gospel ANY TIME, and with ANY AGE! There is a child presentation, teen and even adult – each designed to be appealing and age appropriate for that age, while being the same basic presentation so you don’t have to learn several ways to present the Good News of the Gospel. Keep it on your phone and “be prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have!” (I Peter 3:15)

So what are you waiting for? Download your Awana Apps now!

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