Three Days to my iPhone

Only three more days to my iPhone: As I mentioned I already mentioned here, (see Why Wait?) I’ll be getting an iPhone the day they come out – THIS FRIDAY! I’ve been looking forward to the iPhone since before I knew it existed. A dedicated Palm user since 1998, I have even taught workshops on how a PDA can enhance your ministry. I loved my Palms and have owned nearly every one as they came out, but as the company was sold and bought back and sold and split and merged it lost it’s vision, diluted its brand, and failed to stay cutting edge. While no other phone or PDA really passed Palm in the PDA race, many joined it in the lead, most notably the Blackberry. See the iPhone TV commercials Since switching to Mac in February of 2004, I have marveled at how easily and seemlessly everything Apple is – the slogan “it just works” is not just a slogan, it is reality, with few exceptions. Most of those exceptions being when trying to use a Mac with non-Apple technology, and nothing has been more painful for me than getting my Palm devices to work well with my…

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It Pays to Be Patient?

I just bought a few books on Amazon and when looking at my 1-Click account settings, I noticed a link to Wish List. I click on it and found that on September 21, 2004 (my brother’s birthday!) I had put a really nice digital camera on my wish list…. for $899.95! I wondered, of course, if the camera is still available to purchase, so I clicked on the link, and discovered that INDEED it still is: But for only $195.00! See, by being patient and waiting three years, I can get this amazing 2.1 MEGA pixel digital camera with a 10x optical zoom lens that uses outdated SmartMedia and is ten times bigger than today’s cameras with less features and save hundreds of dollars! Actually, I did buy this camera, just not from Amazon, and got tons of use out of it for several years, and still use it for still photograhy because it takes amazing pictures and with the optical large lens you get more light and faster shutter speeds, which makes it ideal for large indoor pictures (such as Kid U events) and fast moving images. The Point: Yes, technology is expensive when it is new, and costs…

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Water Proof Phone?!

TIP: Never tell your brother your phone is water proof! Because when I was out to lunch with my sisters this week, that’s exactly what my older sister did… so of course I answered, “Really? Can I see it?” And dropped it into my water at Red Robin. Here is my sister’s phone half submerged! Now completely submerged! View from the top! Comes out dripping, but working! Even works open and with an incoming call! A toast to a water-proof phone! OK, for those of you who have to know more, check it out: GzOne Phoneand, no, I am not buying one. The next phone I buy will be an iPhone!

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