Kidmin Toolbox

Kidmin Toolkit?

Let’s suppose you had to pack for a week of teaching and ministry and all you could pack was a small “Kidmin Toolkit” – what would you pack into YOUR travel kit?

A Bible? Naturally. An iPad? Perhaps. A yo-yo? A small puppet? I’d pack a bag of jolly ranchers and a sling shot! Some action figures? Remember, this is ALL you will have for a WEEK of ministry. What will you need?

I’m gonna mail the best responses in COMMENTS a prize and then I’ll post what I’d put in MY Kidmin Toolkit – and then I’d encourage you to PACK YOUR OWN Kidmin Toolkit and have it READY TO GO, because you never know when you might just need it!

UPDATE: THE $50 PRIZE PACK Very soon… someone in comments, is going to WIN this prize pack I’ve assembled:

(Note: It all packs flat to fit in your Kidmin Toolkit!)

UPDATE: I was overwhelmed by the response to this blog post. Everyone submitted Great Ideas! However, I could pick but ONE winner, and the Kidmin Toolkit Winner is: Joan Eppehimer


We have compiled ALL THE RESPONSES into a single list so you can create your own Kidmin Toolkit! Download as a PDF or Word Doc:

Kidologist_com-Kidmin-Toolkit-List.pdf (196 KB PDF)

Kidologist_com-Kidmin-Toolkit-List.doc (114 KB DOC)

I added two more, same list, just numbered: (209 items)

Kidologist_com-Kidmin-Toolkit-List-numbered.pdf (116 KB PDF)

Kidologist_com-Kidmin-Toolkit-List-numbered.doc (116 KB DOC)

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  1. I’d pack some different types of balloons, 2 sets of “peepers’ for quick puppetry, some magicians rope for quick tricks, My wordless book for a simple gospel presentation.
    If I had an iPad, I’m sure I’d back that too!

  2. Excellent! Ropes, Peepers and Balloons! Ding, Ding, Ding! Those are all on MY list! (You can post more than once, you are on a roll, brother!)

  3. 1) Scottevest (wearing this, not packed in the bag)
    2) iPad 2 (in the Scottevest) loaded with apps, videos, music, & keynote presentations
    3) iPod Touch 4G (in Scottevest)
    4) Clear Hotspot
    5) Wordless Book (in Scottevest)
    6) Ruby’s Question & First Steps tracts (in Scottevest)
    7) iPod/iPad dock with remote and A/V connectors
    8) Action Bible (in kidmin toolkit)
    9) 2 sets of Speed Stacks cups & mats (in kidmin toolkit)
    10) Children’s Ministry Resource Bible (in kidmin toolkit)
    11) balloons (in toolkit)
    12) kids’ jigsaw puzzle (in toolkit)
    13) bubbles (in toolkit)
    14) toy hammer that squeaks when you hit (in toolkit)
    15) Great Adventure cards (in toolkit)
    16) Colored paper (for folding paper airplanes & origami)

  4. definitely gotta have peepers! Also candy, balloons, music or ipod, inflatable balls, stickers, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, my extra large salvation bracelet for telling about Jesus. I take these things on mission trips to Honuras.

  5. I’ve got stickers and a giant inflatable hammer – but I hadn’t thought of sidewalk chalk! That’s a good one! Love the salvation bracelet, didn’t know there is an extra large one!

  6. I’d probably pack some kind of computer/ technology because there are endless “Coloring Sheets”, activity pages, Bible Stories, Games, etc. online. Another good idea would be to bring crayons, markers, tape (art supplies) because they are easy to use with any lesson, (ex. illustrate part of our lesson)

  7. I’d pack candy, my favorite “character” hats, Bible, sponge balls, balloons, paper, something to write/draw with, music, beanbags, clothespins, string, and I’d pack it all in baskets that we could use for games.

  8. A Bible
    Blue painter’s tape
    Ping pong balls
    1 or 2 puppets
    iPod & speaker

  9. My laptop… it has all my lessons, music, games, object lessons, puppet scripts, drama skits, etc. A few small puppets. Wrapped candy for prizes. Pen, markers, paper, stickers, easy release tape, straight pins, safety pins, glue and duct tape. A few pieces of fabric to use as costumes. My object lesson “heart” to use to give a “Heart Talk”, a paper tear heart and red balloons to make into heart shapes.

  10. Tissues and band-aids. And balloons. Everything else can be improvised :)

  11. OK, just make me feel bad that I have never included safty items! Definitely adding that!

  12. Baskets! I think there are some snag-together collapsible baskets that I’ve seen! Bean bags is excellent! Endless games, just hope for now leakage in your tot! LOL

  13. Could do a WHOLE separate post on the APPs you need ON the iPad for teaching… but I’ll leave it at having an iPad… as you can color, illustrate and teach SO much having an iPad inside! (And yes, printing off endless coloring sheets from the Internet!)

  14. You nailed two of mine, the old 80GB iPod with speakers! And I love the notecards and blue painters tape, that is EXCELLENT! Gonna add that to mine!!

  15. Pamela… how big is your “tote?” LOL You have one of my sercrets, a “hat tear,” packs VERY flat, and great illusion! AND heart shaped balloons! Do you know the trick in inflating them? You hold it hiding the fact that it is already a heart and as you blow it up, you hold your hand flat like a karate chop in the part between the two round parts and tell the kids that if they hold their hand there when blowing up a balloon it will make it a heart. As it inflates a heart appears. They will go home and try it with all their balloons. ;) (I illustrate it in this video: )

  16. You’d have to have scissors, flash paper, slush powder too.

  17. iPhone (cause I don’t have an iPad)
    I would pack a set of Mini Cup Stacks (full-size set if room)
    A Deck of Cards (Magic Tricks)

  18. Mini Cup Stacks! Bob Fox would be proud of you! (As am I!) And don’t forget the timer!

  19. I just did this for one week, ten sessions. How big is the bag? That matters!

  20. I’m actually not dictating the size of the bag… but it IS a bag/tote/briefcase, NOT a suitcase or TRUNK. LOL You need to be able to carry it comfortably, so for the sake of argument/defining it, lets say you must be able to carry it on to an airplane and not have to check it. Does that help?

  21. Flash Paper! A little dangerous! I would skip the slush paper, myself. In fact, I tend to avoid things that aren’t reuseable, though flash paper packs so flat and small, it is an exception – and I know balloons aren’t technically “reuseable” so I broke my rule there too!

  22. Don’t have an iPad? Someone needs to rectify that!

  23. Again, it seems that every post I read from Karl i want an ipad even more.

    I would echo many of the items already listed. I would be sure to take an ipod, ping pong balls, plastic spoons, deck of cards, set of dice, speed stacker cups, and the painter tape—lots of possibilities to improvise games and/or contests.

    A pad of paper, note cards, writing utensil, scissors and tape lead multiple simple object lessons.

    A small puppet is always fun.

    I would have to have my Teddy costume (ball hat, tshirt, striped vest, shorts and socks) Even though he is only 5 yrs old, he is awesome at helping to convey ideas/concepts/lessons!

  24. you want an ipad… you WANT an iPad… YOU WANT AN IPAD!!!

  25. Definitely the iPod, although I would love to hear all the apps that you would recommend. Love the flash paper idea, that’s always a winner. Some beach balls, …man, this list could go on and on…

  26. Thanks for the suggestion and link. Actually everything I mentioned would fit in my laptop bag except for the puppets. I usually have all of this (and more) in my laptop bag except for the fabric, puppets and bag of candy. I have a 17″ laptop with a large front pocket. In small groups, a 17″ laptop can be used to show video or illustrations as well as play music.

  27. iPhone – for music and internet access
    Spark Story Bible – my fave young kids Bible
    scratch art paper – you scratch the black surface off to reveal multicolors underneath
    inflatable globe – for illustrations and hot potato style games (also collapsable so it doesn’t take much space)
    pair of gym socks – instant puppets
    multi-color sharpies and a sketch pad

  28. Gotta start with a Bible. Then my laptop. Also going to need candy corn, my stuffed animal chicken, laser pointer, prizes from Party City, nerd glasses, Herm our group puppet, lots and lots of craft supplies. Is it considered cheating if I put wheels under my tool kit?

  29. Yes, the wheels are cheating. LOL

  30. Great idea of having a premade pack. Think I’ll make one myself.

  31. Of course BIBLE, ipod , ipod dock w/speakers, paper, hand sized chalk board, chalk, eraser, pencil w/ eraser, large eraser, construction paper, sissors, spray bottle, bubbles, picture of Jesus,
    banana, 5-popsicle sticks. Bag of lifesavers & dum dum suckers

  32. Was thinking about this again,
    A locker sized erasable board with markers (have a couple of object lessons that can be done with it) silly putty, silly bands, silly string, rubber bands, rubber chicken (mini version) sponge balls, glow sticks
    OK, better stop, gotta get some work done,
    This has got me thinking I need to make up a kit like this and save some $$ for an ipad!

  33. In my toolkit will be a Bible (that has a bookmark made out dried elephant dung from Kenya in it this is a great conversation starter) water balloons and nozzle, regular ballons, a Mr. Potatoe Head, 4 small frisbees, a miniature soccer ball, a small hand pump and the largest bag of tootsie rolls I could pack into the bag.

  34. But did you pick up the dung and dry it yourself like a REAL missionary??

  35. I would take my Bible, Ipad loaded with Rob Biagi Music and few bible quiz games. crazy wig and other props, my Bible puppet and some candy.

  36. My Great Adventures Bible , Laptop, scissors, construction paper, scented markers, twisty balloons (and hand pump) double sided tape,
    string, magic coloring book, candy, and The Fantastic World DVD’s !

  37. hand pump! can’t you blow them up?

    magic coloring book, the best!

  38. How about a no-tech bag in case you can’t get power or re-charge? Here goes:
    You said Bible, if I had room, I would put a childrens Bible in too – I love pictures to illustrate the stories.

    For more sedintary activities:
    ream of white paper.markers and scissors (great for making review games – like giant Scrabble, hangman or Wheel of Fortune…)
    You can also do paper tearing/folding to illustrate a story with the paper, maybe I would take 2 reams.
    dice (if you want to do points it Wheel of Fortune – or gamble :-). Seriously, you could do tons of stuff with dice.
    Pencils, crayons
    Duct tape – I mean isn’t it supposed to be used for everything? Never know what you might need it for – repair the suitcase?

    More active:
    inflatable ball(s)
    bean bags (got that off someone else’s list – you can do bean bag olympics – stand behind the line (make it with string or duct tape) and hit the target you made on your paper), relay races…
    Broad jump – measure with string or duct tape (write their name on with the markers or paper)

    I also love the idea of the socks for sock puppets. You could double them as bean bags if you fold them up right and rubber band them – better add rubber bands to the list (duct tape would work too :-))

    You can do a lot of these games as review games – like get the question right and try the broad jump or bean bag toss.

    OK, now I am wondering what “peepers”, flash paper, and a “hat tear” is/are.

  39. I took out my current ministry bag and pulled everything out of it for this post!

    First let me note that I do a lot of traveling and speaking! So this is kind of my “stock in trade”. After many years of experimentation this is what I have put together.

    Second – the bag I use is a messenger type bag I purchased at for about $13!

    Okay, here goes! I hope this fits!

    Several magic effects – many of which will play on a large stage or up close.
    Rubiks cube
    Dump Box – A box that folds small enough to fit in the bag but expands to hold items after I’m done using them.
    Four large tongue depressors that are attached at the ends with brads which I use to tell Bible stories.
    Deck of cards
    Deck of kid flash cards
    Expandable top hat that I bought at the dollar store. It has a secret compartment in it!
    Stickers – lots of stickers! I don’t chance putting candy in a bag with my other stuff!
    Several note cards that are connected by rings. They have examples of all of my cartoons I draw on them in case I forget what I was going to draw!
    Drinking Straws! The best prop money doesn’t need to buy! I can play and do hundreds of things with them!
    I have a few books of routines that I am in the process of learning.
    Squeakers. I love to make things squeak!
    Several laminated cards with outlines of lessons I like to share, jokes I would otherwise forget and games that can be played with what is in the bag!
    Salvation Flash cards – the best packs flat, plays big lesson a children’s minister could ever own! I have both the regular (5×7) and the large (8×10) size in my bag.
    Barney Kinard’s Heart Off Rope lesson – the second best packs flat, plays big lesson a children’s minister could ever own!
    A bag of latex gloves – for a hundred different reasons.
    A small Johnson and Johnson first aid kit.
    A new testament
    Sharpie Markers
    Business Cards
    Postcards to advertise our children’s ministry
    A flashlight

    Plus –
    I also carry in the bag a miniature, plastic, violin case full of twisting balloons, small glow sticks, rocket ballons, ufo balloons, scissors and a small pump for those 160 balloons! Occasionally I will also carry three puppets made out of toilet brushes – but that’s another story!

    Okay for the magicians out there here are the effects I carry:

    Funny Money boxes
    A Grave Mistake
    Necklace Prediction
    Mouth Coils from Bazar De Magica
    Three different rope tricks
    Ring off rope
    Professor’s nightmare
    No-cut and restored rope
    Cereal Killer
    8 foot growing straw
    Change bag with lots of options!
    Ultra Tube
    A variety of silk handkerchiefs including a 16 foot silk streamer.

    That’s it! I can go for several weeks with what is in the bag! Sorry for the long post Karl!

  40. iPad (no need for Bible, several versions on iPad)
    Microphone (so I don’t have to yell)
    Stickpin for Popping Balloons (kids hate seeing their balloons popped)
    Mouse Traps (great illustration for consequences)
    Bag of $1 Gold Coins
    M&Ms (quiet seat prize)
    Peanut Butter (many applications including as deoderant)
    Star Wars Periphenalia
    A Fart Cup (no matter who or where you are, farts are always funny)
    More Peanut Butter (can’t have enough)
    …and my 10 year old Daughter (the perfect helper)

  41. “Star Wars Periphenalia” – now, you are just kissin’ up for the prize, aren’t ya? LOL

    As for $1 gold coins, that’s my secret! I have a “book” that is actually a box, opens up to reveal golden coins, and it is what I use to reward my son. Those are great. You were doing REALLY good until I read “A Fart Cup” LOL hahahhahahaa

  42. Brett, You are betting on length winning, aren’t ya?

  43. slime
    Wordless Book
    Wordless Cube
    Paper plates
    Ipad with app
    Ipad charger
    Sour Candy
    Tooth picks
    Hand Sanitizer
    comfy rabbit slippers
    Hershey Kisses

  44. I’m just hopin’ those are CLEAN socks!

  45. You have me curious… why “5-popsicle sticks” ?? You could have just said “popsicle sticks” so the number “5” has me curious! Something special you do with them??? Hmmm??

  46. You can always strap a puppet onto the outside, I know, I’ve done it!

  47. Sherri – you crack me up! Slime and rabbit slippers! I never saw those coming!

  48. gotta have candy! my colors of salvation bracelet, my children’s ministry bible – (its gold), cell phone, lap top, hand sanitizer, plastic bags to collect what ever we find on a nature walk and a journal

  49. Ok I actually have a small bin wiht some items that I would definitely need and that i carry with me for outreach. Here are my must haves
    Pizzoli, my teaching puppet-kids love em,, my small monkey puppet kids also love him, i don’t have an ipad(want one) so i have my iphone instead, which works for me now.. of course my laptop and a flashdrive with all the extras i need. Lifesavers, and smarties-camera, evangelism cube, magic bible coloring book, salvation story object lesson, magic trick bag with salvation scarves and clown scarves, inflatable question and answer balls from group publishing and a balloon pump and balloon animals and duct tape and blue tape and inflatable beach balls. Regular balloons, scotch tape and stickers.

  50. I’d bring my Minute to Win it game supplies, some rope and scissors for several different rope tricks, a fire bible and a pdf of the entire kidology website on an ipad (because we know where we go, there is never free wifi.)

  51. In my KIDMIN TOOLKIT, I would include:

    M USIC


  52. Just rethinking this for a minute: If you take Peepers, then you need to take gloves in different colors-preferrably ones that match the colors of your Peepers, but don”t have to. (I am a little OCD!) This makes a great hand puppet!
    The large salavation bracelet that I mentioned before in my previous post isn’t for sale anywhere that I know of. I made mine.
    In Honduras we don’t have any way to power or recharge laptops and other things. I take a battery-operated personal CD player and some battery-operated ipod speakers. And of course Spanish kids praise music!

  53. children’s study Bible
    Lessons – on ipad if I had one! ;-)
    balloons and a safety pin (for salvation object lesson and games)
    wordless book/bracelet
    forgiveness object lesson
    small white board and markers (for illustrating lessons and memory verse games)
    Pad of paper and sharpie markers (multiple uses)
    inflatable ball (review games and icebreakers)
    craft items: paper, markers or crayons, pencils, glue sticks, stickers, scissors, tape, rubber bands
    playdough (object lessons and could use for crafts too)
    assorted candy (nothing that melts)
    stickers and small trinkets for prizes
    mini Frisbees, beanbags, string, colored tape
    small first aid kit
    a flashlight
    a whistle

  54. I am curious also about why specifically 5 popsicle sticks? A love this thread, so many great ideas. I do not have a kit ( just starting out) but I am going to start putting one together. So many great ideas!!! Going to start collecting here and there a little

  55. The WOrdPress comments all disappeared when I switched to Disqus, but they are in the lists posted above.

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