It’s Official – I’m a nerd.

OK, it’s official. I did it. I can no longer claim NOT to be a Star Wars nerd. Getting on the news in jedi outfit didn’t count, having a literal Star Wars museum in my basement didn’t count, going to the premeir of EP2 didn’t count…. but registering for Celebration III made it official. I am proud not to be a ‘trekkie’ but I am a big fan of Star Wars. To me Star Trek and Star Wars are very different, I mean, everyone knows that Star Trek is make believe! I’ve never been to one of these sci-fi events before, but I decided to attend this last one, since this will be the last SW Convention, at least the last one that really matters. Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw when I was seven years old – I’ll never forget that opening scene – it blew me away! I’d never even seen a movie, and what a movie to be my first. So in many ways, this final SW installment is the conclusion of a life-long story I’ve been following. Come Jesus, Come, but after May 19th, please! It’s only 78 days away!

Actually, the real reason I am going is that attendees will get a FREE talking Darth Vader action figure! I just CAN’T live without that! That’s worth registration, travel, and lodging!

If you will be there, let me know!

Also, you may be interested in this spoof EP3 trailer. The original you can surf the web for, I edited a lot of the bad language and crude humor out of this, but what remains is still pretty funny and worth a good laugh. Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope Enjoy!

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  1. We always knew you were a true Star Wars nerd. It’s just about time something like Celebration III showed you the light.

  2. Yeah, it’s still too bad that this third movie is going to be pretty bad. :)

  3. To me Star Trek and Star Wars are very different, I mean, everyone knows that Star Trek is make believe! Well, I think Trek has always been about putting society’s issues into a different context for observation and learning. Wars as always been about fantasy storytelling and lots of money for Lucas.

  4. Ouch, Tannerman is just picking a fight. Trek may be as you say, but SW is not about fantasy story telling – I’m no sci fi fan, SW is an epic story of redeption, a modern myth within the genre of space – but transcends it. Few people grasp the political story and the themes that trascend the genre – SW goes to a level that is beyond mere movie plot/special effects. It is easy to evaluate SW merely as a movie, but to do so, is to miss a lot more of what is going on within SW, and its broad appeal is evidence that it is more than just the latest ‘cool’ flick. as for Lucas making lots of money, as I’ve said before – he deserves every dime, few people have brought so much to people in fun and enjoyment – people like Lucas are the people who should be rich. And I see little evidence of him being motivated solely by money. If you want to pick on rich people, pick on those who make LOTS of money simply playing with other peoples money, and really DO nothing to help the world, and LEAVE nothing behind, and rarely use their wealth to help the needy. Lucas is very generous with his money, and even gives a lot away, and is the only director I’ve ever heard of who gives personal money to those who work with him and help him succeed. (He gave away $5 million to Empire staff, he didn’t have to do that and few would) Some rich people get rich off the hard work of others – those who actually work hard and produce things that people enjoy and love, they deserve to be rich. Lusas hasn’t conned me out of any money – I like every SW thing I have. (So stop picking on him. I am very grateful for his vision and creativity) :)

  5. Be sure to enjoy SWC3 enough for the rest of us who can’t make it! We had some friends attend one a few years ago and pick up the limited edition “George Lucas” action figure for us. Sadly, life’s busy schedule does not allow us to attempt to go :0(

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