The Kidologist being stalked?

Shelly is mentioned below… today she showed up at my workshop wearing a fan shirt…

Shelly, me and her preschool director Debbie

Close up of shirt.

The back of the shirt.

Apparently, this idea was discussed on Kidology, but only Shelly came through!It wasn’t the first female fan, Sherry Davis, INCM store manager pulled a quick one on me! I explaied that my digital camera flashed twice, and that it was the second flash that actually takes the picture. So after the first flash I saw some motion out of the corner of my eye and this was what the picture revealed:

That’s as close as she got!

Posting it here is her punishment. Tanner suggested a new blog theme, ‘the women of CPC’, but I think this is it… I don’t want to be sleeping on the floor when I get home! More pictures of the women (and men) of CPC coming next! But no more stalker or kissy photos!

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. Oh my! The only shirt I especially wear when I’m with Karl is my Mickey Mouse “I’m with GOOFY” shirt that points to him. But I sure do love him, and miss him, and hope he comes home to me after all these ladies being so sweet to him! But I’m so glad he’s having fun at the conference, and glad I get to read about it!

  2. Shell Da Stalker

    Well… at least now you know your famous Pastor Karl.. only famous people get stalked! Ha!

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