It’s Pool Time!

Well, we are headin’ out of town for a Kidology To Go and then for a week of vacation in Williamsburg, VA. We are most excited that the place we are staying has a POOL! Of course, that is Luke’s favorite thing in the world… as I have blogged about in the past, here, and here, and here too!


(no, this is not Luke, but I thought it was funny)

The other highlight is getting hang out and go to church Sunday with my good friend Todd McKeever, a fellow blogger. Don’t worry, blog updates to come!

Where we are staying… (to answer Alan’s question)


The Plantation

Looks pretty nice! Because of our time share exchange, it’s under $200 for the entire week! Our Interval time share is the best thing we bought early in our marriage… we’ve never even been back to the tiny studio we ‘bought’ on Datona Beach, we exchange like this every year and get to stay at some nice places. (though at times the places don’t live up to the pictures!)


The Pool! (wow)

If you know the area, tell us some places to see, or things to do! 

400/16 (not gonna make it, two injuries put it on hold)

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  1. We live about 45-50 minutes away from Williamburg. It is a great place, lots of history and very cool places to stay. Just curious you wouldn’t happen to be staying at the great wolf lodge would you? Have a great vacation , that is cool you will be so close!

  2. I am sooo excited!!

    I am still waiting to read more on your great time in Texas with your last Kidology to Go you just finished. Come on post some more please. Please, please, please.

  3. You will love the plantation, it should live up to the pictures. The pool looks awesome!

  4. If you like history go to Colonial Williamsburg for sure. It will probably be done up for Christmas. Also this is the 400 anniversary of Jamestown so be sure to go there as well. there is a grea tYankee Candle shop in Williamsburg and a nice Bass Pro shop alittle further southeast. I also liked Yorktown. All these places have fun things for kids to do and touch, so you should like it! Wish I could amke it there this weekend but alas I have our Awana Grand Prix. I would’vs enjoyed meeting Todd as well.

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