12 Days of Christmas ToyBox Tales WINNER! #12

Well, the depression is setting in… Christmas is nearly over. But at least ONE VISITOR to my blog will still be getting another Christmas Present! THAT’S RIGHT! I still have to give away the GRAND PRIZE for the 12 Days of Christmas ToyBox Tales!

In fact, your 12th Christmas ToyBox Tale is one I JUST MADE TEN MINUTES AGO and is converting to flash as I type this! In this final Christmas ToyBox Tale the WINNER WILL BE REVEALED! So to win, you have to watch the video! There were 41 entries into the contest, and have no fear, the winner was chosen by Random, as you will see “LIVE” in the video. (Well, live during filming anyway!)

So… WHO WON?? Watch and Find Out!

CONGRATS TO THE WINNER! And what is the prize? It is the set used in Swine Control, but brand new in the box and includes three action figures! WOW, what a prize!

I hope everyone who watched had a Wonderful and Merry Christmas this year! There are some new things planned for ToyBoxTales.com in 2008… so stay tuned!

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    I”m so excited I can’t wait to start my own toybox tale’s!
    Thanks Karl, Gonzo, Mr. Random and all the Pigs in Space crew! You made my Christmas even better.
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2008.
    Well I’m off to the stores to get some more actions figures that are on sale!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Awwww…. Oh well.. Congrats Tom!

  3. Congratulations, Tom!

  4. Okay, this was way tooo funny…even the two olds grumpy guys…which by the way, my son loves :O)
    Thanks Karl for doing this, it was fun…and inspiring, now that i”m hitting all the after christmas sales and finding lots of cheap toys!

    Now, all I need is a mac…camera… :o)

  5. I did this special tale without a mac or a digital camera… I did the entire thing on my casio digital picture camera (CASIO Exilim). Converted to flash and uploaded. I love using technology to whip out things that look a lot harder than they truly are. (granted converting to flash is hard for most users without costly software, but you can use YouTUbe for free!

    what am I doing? giving away my secrets? :)

  6. CONGRATS TOM!!!!!!! I agree Karl with the ease of technology, we got one of those Flip Video cameras for Christmas and we love it. It is so easy to use and I can upload videos staright to the internet through youtube, aol video and any other source you like. The best part is you don’t need any additional software it is built into the camera, the camera plugs directly into the computer with no additional usb cables needed and you don’t need any sd card either, it is great.

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