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As my pappy used to always say, “Tootith not thine own horn, let another tootith it for thee.” One of the most encouraging things is when I hear others telling about how much they love and how it has helped them in their ministry. One of the reasons I stopped having an exhibit booth at CPC about five years ago is that I really hate being in a booth and talking about my ministry or “selling” my website or products. I’m excited about the ministry God has graciously given me, I love doing what I do, and I’m blessed by the stories of those who benefit from it, but I really hate talking about it or having to “promote” it. I’d rather meet someone who already knows about Kidology and is excited and want to talk about it than meet someone who doesn’t and need to tell them about it. I feel like a salesman, and its a feeling I don’t like. That is why I’d rather just do workshops and network in the hallways, resource room or at meals, or find another way to serve. I’d rather minister than sell. So we’ve made a fun and easy way to equip our members (dare I say ‘fans’) to help us spread the word about Kidology!

Next week I leave for CPC – Orlando and I’m excited about the opportunity afforded to me to serve in the DiscipleLand booth. It is no secret that I’ve long been a huge fan of DiscipleLand for reasons I will be expanding on soon, but for now it is CPC time and I’m looking forward to getting to help in their booth. One of the things I did to help out was design the “CPC talk sheet” that we will use in the booth to help spread the word about what makes DiscipleLand curriculum so unique compared to so much else that is out there in the market for curriculum. As a reader of my blog you can be the first to see it! Here it is:


(Download the PDF here)


Back to the horn tootin’ ! Since I’m not doing any workshops at CPC this year and there is no Kidology “booth” we wanted to make a way for Kidology fans to toot our horn for us!

DROP BY THE DISCIPLELAND BOOTH and get a FREE Kidology button!


You can wear this button with pride at conference! Meet other Kidology members and be prepared to give an answer for the help that you have online via

But it gets even better! Each button has a number on the back that we will use to randomly give away cool Kidology prizes, AND if I spot you wearing your button at CPC I will be carrying some prizes to give away ON THE SPOT!

But the best part is when people say to you “What is Kidology?” Don’t be shy – tell ’em all about it!

Not going to CPC? You can buy the button for just a buck! That’s right! We’re losing money on this because we really want you to have one to wear anywhere you go where there are other people who love kids ministry and could benefit from!

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  1. Please say that you’re doing the same thing in San Diego! Forsooth, said buttoneth wouldeth verily be a badge of honoreth! (translation: it’ll be really neat-o!)

  2. YES! Fear thee not, I will be doing the same thing at CPC San Diego! :) Soon ye will be proudly wearing thine buttoneth!

  3. Could you save me one?

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