My Little Buckaroo

This video is just my Father’s Day present to myself. Yes, I’m a complete sap and am totally in love with my little boy. My wife often laughs at me and says, “You are so whipped” when she sees just the way I look at him or interact with him. The picture below is his first time sitting in a tree! (Granted, only for a few seconds – just long enough for the picture! But last Sunday at church he saw several kids in a tree and I stopped to talk to the kids about the tree and how they got up, etc. but it still surprised me when Luke said to me today, “Sit in tree!”

The video is all pictures of me and my little buckaroo to two of my favorite “Daddy Songs,” perhaps you’ll enjoy them too: Watching You, by Rodney Atkins and Little Buckaroo by Go Fish.

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  1. dude, karl… Luke must dig you! This video shows so well how you’ve connected heart to heart. This little guy (Luke) was growing in your heart before you ever heard about him… it’s pretty awesome..

    keepin it real!

  2. Never call it sap for your love of your son or the joy you get from being a dad! The world needs more “saps” like you! Keep up the good work Karl.

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