A Quiet But Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Big Turkey, Little Turkey

This was the quietest Thanksgiving I’ve ever experienced, but I liked it! For the first time ever, neither of us had parents nearby and all our other local relatives had special plans so it was just the three of us. At first we were kinda bummed being used to big noisy family gatherings… but it was a nice change. Yesterday we dug out the Christmas stuff and got the tree up and started the always difficult task of figuring out how to arrange the furniture to accommodate Christmas. We have one of those front rooms where no matter what you do, something ends up awkward. I’d had a long nap so when Sara went to bed I was still full of energy. (Also in part due to some medicine that tends to put my metabolism into overdrive!) So I stayed up super late and got the whole front room all set up and decorated as a surprise for the wife, so she could just enjoy preparing the meal without the hassle of the dysfunctional house! Anyway, all that to say, the day started out wonderful as the little boy got to come down and see the tree, the fire place, and the new arrangement of his “car table,” media center and toy box.

I so enjoyed explaining that today was a special day called Thanksgiving. This was the first year we could explain it and know he understood. At breakfast we started by going around the circle several times to say something we were thankful for. Luke surprised and delighted us when the first thing he said was “Jesus.” Which honestly was a surprise! Obviously, Jesus is a part of our life, but we aren’t teaching him parrot answers when it comes to our faith – so for him to answer that way was a positive reflection of our family and life, and perhaps some church influence played in there as well. (we certainly hope!)

This will sound odd, but I spent the bulk of the day cleaning out the garage – with a little helper – and getting all the outdoor decorations ready to set up so that by nap time I would be ready to get it all up in that two plus hour window without little eyes. I was just putting up the final lights when he woke up! Whew!

The Thankful Bastian Family

I had offered Sara the option of us going out to a nice restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner – maybe Cheesecake Factory or a Steakhouse (or should that be Turkeyhouse?) in order to save on cooking time since she was only feeding two men, but she loves to cook and when I tasted the turkey I was so glad we ate at home. WOW! She rolled the turkey breast in some kind of garlic salt with ground pepper and baked and sha-zam! It was the best turkey I’ve ever had. We used an alphabet puzzle to focus Luke on thinking of things that start with every letter that we are thankful for, and one of Sara’s was the Internet for finding recipes. Me too! The best thing is, there is left overs for tomorrow!

Then came the “surprise” Luke had been promised since waking up – that there was something outside for him after dinner. He was so excited. Even after he said, “A car?” and I had to break it to him that I hadn’t bought him a car. (It’s gonna be a long time until he is sixteen!) FINALLY, we bundled up and headed outside into the dark. Mom and the boy cuddled on the swing and Dad turned on the lights:

Oh if you could have seen his face! He ran around the yard beside himself with excitement! I didn’t bother with the camera then, we just wanted to enjoy the moment, so I took these pictures later after he was in bed. Then we got to introduce him to Joseph and Mary and begin the anticipation of Christmas.

On a humorous note, we got the lawn nativity set from Grandma and Grandpa who moved to California this summer and gave us some of the larger things they didn’t want to haul across America. (including the swing!) When I did my first “test” to see if everything worked, the only light that was out was baby Jesus! I quipped to Sara, “I had to change the light bulb in the Light of the World.” Just another reminder that our world is broken – the very reason He came to BRING Light into this dark world.

I can’t end this post without expressing gratitude for so many blessings from the Lord this year. Last night I asked Sara to help me make a list of things all three of us were thankful for and then I entered them in Wordle and after she went to bed I snuck over to the office and laminated four of them and made them place mats for the beautiful table arrangement she had made for our feast today.

Rather than try to express all my gratitude, here are my Wordles:

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Thanks for telling us about Wordle.net I just made some. Very cool. Is there a way to save them to my computer or just their website. Thanks.

    Had fun at the movie night last night. Good movie. Love ya, Melissa

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