Yelling Out the Window

Saturday while my wife went to a tea at church, Luke and I decided we needed to have some fun too, so we went to McDonald’s where there was a play place! The last time we were there, about a month ago, we celebrated Luke’s first basketball basket and those of you on facebook got to see the video of I happened to capture right before my iPhone battery died! What an exciting day that was!

If you want, you can watch Luke make his FIRST basketball basket right before turning four:

Well, when given a choice of three different restaurants with play places, he chose McDonald’s when I reminded him of the basketball hoop and showed him the video on my iPhone. We got there and after eating and watching some “big boys” hog up the hoop for awhile, finally we got some court time. Luke shocked me by how quickly he got the hang of it. Soon he was nailing the shots, often in a row! Once he made THREE in a row before having some dry spells due to getting so excited he’d get erratic in his shooting for awhile. But we kept track – first it was FIVE SHOTS we celebrated, then it got up to an amazing TEN! Then it was FIFTEEN! But when he got to TWENTY even I was impressed and we had to ask another little girl what was after 20 and learn how to count so high!

Every number after that was celebrated as a major life achievement! On TWENTY-FIVE another boy came in with his dad so we surrendered the court and left as though we had just won the NBA FINALS!

Luke had not only shot 2500% better than last time, but learned to count into the 20’s better than ever before!

As we were driving down the road home, I was telling him how proud I was and he asked, “How proud are you, Daddy?” and I said, “This proud…” and I rolled down the window of the car and yelled out the window at the houses we were passing and yelled as loudly as I could,


I looked back at Luke and the look on his face was worth a million dollars. He couldn’t believe I was THAT proud, that I would yell it out the window! After I rolled up the window, he said, “Are you so proud you would do that again?” And I said, “I’m so proud I would do that all the way home.” And I did.

I don’t think anyone actually heard me. And I have a sore throat today. But it’s O.K. My son knows that I was so proud of him I wanted the world to know it.

Have you let your kids know you are THAT proud of them lately? Your volunteers? Whoever it is you are proud of?

They are wondering, just how proud of them are you? Are you willing to shout it? Is your throat hurting yet?

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  1. Hey, wow Luke is soo big I haven’t seen u guys for a really long time, how’s it going. Tell Luke I say congrats on his first basket and tell Sara I say hi!

  2. Way to Go Karl! you just got a Gold medal in heaven!!! I’m sure of it.
    I remember doing stuff like that when my kids were Lukes age! I still do that with my daughter and she’s 12! I make a fool of myself at her games (not to the point of embarrassing her but enough that she will have no doubts how much I love her!

  3. I love this – I teach court ordered parenting classes and love to observe parents who are trying with all their might to raise kids to know God, to know they are loved and to learn how to love. Keep it up, Luke will grow into a wonderful man.

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