The Great Adventure Cards Are BACK!

The Great Adventure Cards Are Back!

I can not even begin to tell you how EXCITED I am to announce that the Great Adventure Cards ARE BACK on!

Created by our own board member and children’s pastor Dan Huffman, these amazing Bible trading cards are a wonderful way to get kids to participate at church. They are more than just Bible cards, they are a complete FUN Bible trading game! There are 25 sets of 80 cards with a variety of series, each is a Bible story, and each is a different number of cards, depending on the story. The artwork is very cool. Each card has a question and a Bible reference. The questions were carefully written so that they are hard enough that most kids (and adults!) aren’t going to “just know the answer” but easy enough that by looking up the answer they can find it in that one verse. The kids collect the cards by coming to church, bringing their Bible, a friend, participating, answering questions, etc. and when they complete a series, AND can answer all the questions (from reading their Bibles and working on them with Mom and Dad at home!) they give the series to a leader who quizes them, and then they get a prize. A hole is punched in the corner of the card so that they can keep the cards, and they can’t be used again (or traded with others) to be used again for a prize. I can tell you as a children’s pastor who used these in ministry – it is VERY EFFECTIVE in engaging kids and getting them to work hard at learning and participating. They haven’t been on for several years and we have had requests regularly for them to be back in print – and we are so excited to be able to offer them once again through the birth of a brand new ministry called Tadpole Tales, view all their exciting new resources on Kidology!

CHECK OUT: The Great Adventure Cards Today!

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  1. karl- when you’ve used these in the past, app how many cards did each kids earn each week?

  2. Great question – the very MAX was about 5 on average, usually kids got 2-3 a week.

    1) for coming
    2) for bring their Bible
    3) for bringing a friend (of course this isn’t an every week thing)
    4) for knowing last week’s verse
    5) for answering a review question
    6) for participating some how
    7) for extra something-or-other! :o)

  3. very cool. i think i might like this better than a regular Bible dollar/ store idea.

    if the cards are given out randomly. do you allow kids to collect the same type of series more than once?

  4. I’ve used these in the past in my ministry and they are GREAT! I decided to reintroduce them. We are a smaller church and we don’t need 25 sets. Is there any way to purchase them in single sets or, perhaps half the amount (12 or 13 sets)?

  5. We can’t reduce the sets – but you’ll quickly wish you had more as when they are being passed out mixed up, it takes many cards for kids to complete sets, especially since some get lost along the way. 25 sets is the basic minimum we recommend starting with, and that’s how they are already boxed and ready to ship as well.

  6. Jen, to answer your follow up question, kids don’t collect the same series more than once because once they collect a series, they move on to others. If they get cards of a series they already completed, they use those to trade with other kids.

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