Get a Grip! Get STABLicers

Got lots of snow and ice? I know JUST what you need! Spikes!

Last year I tweeted that I was heading to Yosemite for a solo snowshoeing trip and @32NorthSTABIL tweeted me and recommended that I get a pair of their STABLicers for my trip. Well, I replied that I’d take a free pair and try ’em out!

Next thing I knew, these arrived in the mail:

My Gift From 32 North!

So I took them to Yosemite in the middle of winter:

It was a great trip! In fact, I snow shoed and hiked around quite bit taking all these amazing pictures:

But whenever I didn’t have my snowshoes on – I had to walk on ice and slippery roads, and MAN did I like having THESE one:

My STABLicers!

They gave me a firm grip even if they did make me sound like a rusty tap dancer everywhere I went! I highly recommend them to anyone who plans to be walkin’ around on ice or snow! They go on quickly and pack small, so I was able to keep them in my pocket and have them handy. It’s dangerous to be walking around on ice – one fall can pretty much ruin your trip!

I keep them in my car now and have them ready for whenever I find myself out and needing to walk around ice or yucky ground, which in Colorado, is OFTEN!

THANKS Heather for the STABLicers and sorry my review took so long! It’s just that now it’s so easy to be out in the snow having FUN with no fear of falling!

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