Something Cool With “K!” (WIN a FREE Subscription!)

If you haven’t heard yet – Ryan Frank asked me to help spread the cool news that his K Magazine will now be available to subscribers electronically.

Here’s the scoop, direct from the Big “R” Himself:

Beginning with the Sept/Oct issue of K! Magazine, subscribers to K Magazine will begin receiving a free e-version of the magazine! This e-magazine can be read on any mobile device with a web browser! So, when you purchase an annual subscription to K! Magazine (less than 20 bucks a year) you will receive as a free bonus an e-version of the magazine!


Wanna Subscribe? Visit:

BUT: Ryan’s giving me FIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS to GIVE AWAY FREE! Just make a comment on my blog about what you like about K! Magazine and I’ll randomly pick FIVE WINNERS and send your info to Ryan for a FREE SUBSCRIPTION! How cool is that?

So make your comments now!

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  1. I would love a subscription to K! Magazine but at this point in our careers/church ministry/economy, we are so strapped for cash right now. We can barely pay the living expenses. Help a stranded minister and her husband out, please??

  2. Brenna, YOU are our first winner! Send your full name, e-mail and mailing address to with a link to this blog post and they will let Ryan Frank know you are one of our five winners. Congrats!

    Who’s next?

  3. Karl, thank you very much for your blogs, and also Kidology. The Resources are great. We enjoy using them.

    K! Magazine is great. We have a subscription (we actually got it through the 144 Hours Package the one time. However, we could extend it (if we win). I read every issue, and the articles are great, and always relevant, at exactly the right time, when the magazine gets released.

    Also, thank you for putting on Kidology to Go. I am actually in contact with Marty right now, to come to Michigan in May, to put on a Training event for the Metro Detroit Area.

    Thanks again.
    Werner Morgenstern

  4. I would love to get a subscription to your magazine. I am from a small church and the resources seem few sometimes. I am always looking for new, fun, interesting ideas to incourage the kids and keep them interested in Jesus Christ. Please enter me for the free subscription. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  5. Werner, you are WINNER #2, send your name, e-mail and address to with your address and we will find out if current subscribers are eligible to win! (It may be only new subscribers, but I’ll pitch for ya!)

  6. Minnie? (Guessing at your name from your e-mail) You are winner #3! Send your name, e-mail and address to with this blog URL to to claim your prize!

  7. Karl I often look at your sight and think “oh that is a pay one”. How much we need your encouragements down here at the bottom of the world. We are waiting for God to breath on the offerings of our service and love to the little ones of Papamoa NewZealand. He is doing so much yet I know he is aching and longing to do so much more.
    How far are you wiling to give your subscription away?

  8. As a young Children’s Pastor who is just finishing up his 3rd year of ministry right out of Biblie College… I have learned that I need to glean from others on how to be a leader. I feel I would benefit from K magizine.

    Thanks Karl for your ministry on this blog and Kidology.

    BTW I bought that discipleland series you had for $1 and my kids loved it! At this point in our church where buying resources is difficult it is a blessing for a ministry to offer such discounts. thank you!

  9. Linda, First of all – have you ever noticed right on the Join page of Kidology it says right at the top we give it free to anyone overseas (or downunder!), students, or anyone who can’t afford it. So just fill out the scholarship form at and is yours free.

    Secondly, K Mag, isn’t mine, but published by my friend Ryan Frank, I’ll have to ask him if they send to Australia, but the good news is, I’m sure the digital version would work there, let me ask him!

  10. Matt, you are winner #4! Just e-mail with your name, e-mail, address and this blog BLOG so they can pass it along to Ryan. Glad you like DiscipleTown too!

    Hey, if there is ever a resource you need on Kidology that’s too pricey that is a download and mine to give, just PM me in the forum and I’ll set ya up with another super discount again!

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