It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Model Airplane!

Saturday the family headed to the Pikes Peak Radio Control Club’s “Warbird’s Over Pike’s Peak’s Air Show”, and it was incredible! (Don’t miss HIGHLIGHT VIDEO at end of this post!)

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For Luke, it was a real treat! He brought a box of toy airplanes and enjoying playing with his planes while watching grown men play with their toys. As the saying goes…

The difference between the men and the boys, is just the price of their toys!

It was hard to believe these things were not real! Especially when the jets went straight up into the air spinning until they were a speck in the sky!

They even SOUNDED like real jets… well, actually, there WERE real jets… just smaller and without a real person inside!

They literally flew up to the clouds! I had to use a telephoto lens to keep up with them!

Luke enjoyed chillin’ out on Daddy’s hammock, which I got for Father’s Day way back when he was just a baby… (remember?)

Everyone had their cameras out trying to capture these birds in the coolest pics possible – the pics in this post and in the video below, are from all three of us, me, my dad and his wife Patty.

The planes took turns putting on a show for everyone, and the stunts they did was just like being at a real airshow with real planes!

And getting to walk around and look at them and talk to the pilots was fun too. (That’s my dad and his wife.)

The variety was amazing. They even let us vote on our favorite and there were awards for the pilots in different categories. I felt good when the one I picked won for best design!

One of my favorite features, was the “little pilots” that a lot of controllers put into their planes:

Pretty amazing detail, isn’t it?

It was an incredible day for a young boy. I love taking him to things that show him you never need to grow up. You can pick a hobby and enjoy it into adulthood, whether or not airplanes is what he chooses, you can have fun at any age!

Days like Saturday are days well invested in your kids.

Even if it does make him think his toys are too small!

We can’t wait to get home and fly dad’s little remote control helicopter!

It may not be as cool as these eight to ten foot remote control airplanes that can soar through the air… but it shows my son that growing up is optional, and that is worth a day is the scorching heat.

That’ll teach him, that HE can soar in life, if he is willing to never grow up!

ENJOY THIS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO: *Recommended full screen!

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  1. Great write up Karl!

    I’ll see if I can encourage the current PPRC web master to get a link to this on the front page.

    Rob Waggoner
    Former PPRC Secretary and Web Master

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