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It’s not every day you can DOUBLE YOUR MONEY investing in reaching kids! READ ON! That’s why Kidology gave to this and why I am urging you to help as well!

We’ve been friends for several years now, but I must say God is doing amazing things through Gordon and Becki West and KidZ At Heart International. I’m not trying to make a shameless plug here, though you should know what they’re doing… around the world.

KidZ At Heart exists to equip people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture. They train children’s leaders here in North America to then go and train others cross-culturally using the principles from 2 Timothy 2:2.

Each short-term trip provides practical and culturally-relevant children’s ministry training, and KidZ At Heart is committed to at least three consecutive years of training in the same community.

But then, what’s the next step after several consecutive years of training?

How can we better train and equip local leaders to then in turn train others in the community year round?

KidZ At Heart feels led to launch KidZ At Heart Leadership Academies (aka KAHLA) in India and Uganda. KAHLA will provide in-depth training for key church and kidmin leaders in Uganda and India. KAHL certification programs will advance the standing of significant leaders, allowing them greater impact in their churches and communities.

You can help reach the 2.2 billion children in our world. KidZ At Heart is currently developing KAHLA to be launched in 2012. Be part of something big to help reach the 2.2 billion children in our world.

Since the announcement that KidZ At Heart is launching Leadership Academies in South Africa, Uganda, and India in 2012, they have already received requests from key leaders in Jordan, Egypt, Eastern Europe and Latin America to establish similar programs in these regions! EXCITING, HUH?!?!

Just like these leaders, Xolani Mthanyelwa of South Africa, shared his experience with KidZ At Heart training:

“I know what God wants me to do – to better my ministry for His glory.”

I’m helping launch KAHLA, and so can you!

Gordon West told me about KidZ At Heart Leadership Academies (KAHLA), and I loved the approach! It’s genuinely following 2 Timothy 2:2… multiplying the training. I quickly responded with a pledge.

Will you pledge just $22 a month? OR just give whatever you can give! Right now they have a matching grant, so your gift will be doubled for a limited time.

BUT TIME IS LIMITED, the matching grant ends 10-31-2011, so please make your pledge ASAP, to secure the funds!

Kidz at Heart is raising $60,000 to launch this program, and has Kidmin Peeps LIKE YOU AND ME have already pledge $47,000 – help them get across the finish line by saying “YES! I’LL SIGN UP!”

Get your kids involved with Kids Church Offerings!

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of something that is going to impact kids all over the world by equipping and encouraging those who will reach and teach them!

Kidology’s Mission is to Equip and Encourage Those Who Minister to Children – that is why we gave and why as a board member of Ministry Resources International, that foundation matched Kidology’s gift as well! We saw this as an opportunity that we simply HAD to be a part of.

I hope you will see the same way.

No gift is too small. And of course, no gift is too big! Every gift will make a difference in reaching their goal of this limited time matching grant.


thank you, Karl.

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