Day 7 – Thankful for Breckenridge

This is part of a series called 24 Days of Thankfulness. These posts are in RANDOM order, NOT priority order. Each is something I am thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving.

DAY #7: Breckenridge

Those who don’t ski may find it odd that my family’s favorite get-away is a town ranked #9 in the world for skiing, when we don’t ski! But I am thankful for Breckenridge, Colorado.

But a lot of it’s charm is the that it is the only mountain town truly open all year around, has no fast food restaurants, is filled with lots of quaint little shops (yes, I enjoy that, ladies) and the mountains towel above on both sides. I come here (as I am today) to write, relax, and to work remotely. It’s our ‘home away from home.’ We’ve found a nice place to stay with free Internet, an awesome pool an(with hot tubs!) d a great view of the mountains! Sometimes we stay a few days, but often I just come up for the day (which is free) when the ‘flatland’ is getting to me. If you are ever our guest, we will most likely bring you here so you can get a taste of Colorado away from the metropolis of Denver. Free Gondola rides up the mountain to eat at a cool restaurant with spectacular views is a must as is the roller coaster on Peak 8! (no joke!) I will sometimes find a spot to work and watch the skiers on Peak 9 coming down like ants on a hill, or over on Peak 8 (were the ESPN X Games are filmed) doing jumps the size of houses! There are so many places I have found to just blend in with the skiers and work! Several DiscipleTowns were written here. After all, I am closer to God here in the Mile High City! (And even more so, once I drive up into the mountains!)

Where do YOU go to get away? I’ve always done this, since college when I would find lobbies in high rise office buildings in downtown Chicago with incredible views to study in, or luxurious hotels  – I love finding great places to get away, and if you are creative, there are always wonderful and free places you can go, if you are willing to just look!

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