God Delights in Paradox

Came across this image on a blog I follow called the Scripturist.org, and just wanted to post it so I’ll never lose it.


(click image for full size graphic)

God loves to use the unusable, which is the only reason He uses me.

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  1. Love it. Used it for our church newsletter, alongside this (if I can copy and paste it)

    (a Life of Paradoxes)

    The way up is down.
    The way in is out.
    The way first is last.
    The way of success is service.
    The way of attainment is relinquishment.
    The way of strength is weakness.
    The way of security is vulnerability.
    The way of protection is forgiveness.
    The way of life is the way of death.
    God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.
    To get the most, go to where the least is.
    Forget your self and discover yourself.
    To be honored, be humble.
    Bless and love your enemies.

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