Pray for Colorado

Many friends and family have been calling, e-mailing, facebooking or texting to ask how the Colorado Fires are affecting my family, or to make sure we are safe. We are fortunate to live an hour North of the Waldo Canyon Fire, but even so, we have seen its smoke on the horizon and breathed it’s wrath even this far away.

We have joined many others in mourning the loss of the Flying W Ranch – a Christian outreach and church, the many who have lost homes, and share the nervousness as the Navigators property is now being touched by the flames and putting the Glen Eyrie Retreat Center at risk as well as Garden of the Gods – both some of the beautiful landscape in Colorado.

Of course, homes and lives are precious too. I will leave the quoting of stats and numbers to the authorities, not only to avoid error, but because they are constantly changing.

I do want to post some pictures. Not to be sensational, but to help you see the seriousness of the fires and urge you to pray.

Pray for rain.
Pray for those fighting the fires bravely.
Pray for those who have lost everything to find peace and hope in Him who can bring a comfort no home or possession can. May the “peace that passes understanding” encompass them as their hearts are broken.

My dad took this from his front yard, that is the back of Glen Eyrie property.

Colorado Springs. (That is the Air Force Academy at the bottom.) (Instagram)

Source unknown, via Twitter #WaldoCanyonFire

(via Twitter)

(via Twitter)

Colorado Springs last night. (Source: Unknown)

A deer trying to escape through a fence. Notice the hair flying off his back. (Source)

The Air Force Academy on Tuesday. It has been partially evacuated last I heard. (Via Twitter)

Horses evacuating with people. (Via Twitter)

Waldo Fire from the Air (Source: Instagram)

The mountains aflame. (via Twitter)

The saddest is seeing people’s houses burning. (Source: Twitpic)

What is left behind. (via Twitter)

The devastation left behind after the fire left Flying W Ranch.

Air Force One captured by my dad as Obama flew into Colorado Springs to look at the damage himself and visit with the fire fighters and the families impacted by the fire. (Twitter)

Amazing how two can burn, and so close others are spared. (click to enlarge. Source)

An Ever Growing Collection of Incredible Pictures from The Denver Post

Amazing Pictures here as well

Thank you for your concern for my family. My dad lives in the Springs, just eight miles from the Waldo Canyon Fire and is housing an evacuated family. We all appreciate your prayer and support at this time.

You can see live coverage of the Waldo Canyon Fire here:

Four front page newspapers: The GazetteThe Denver PostDaily CameraPueblo Chieftain

Or follow #WaldoCanyonFire on Twitter

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