Happy Dependance Day

I watched the world unite last night as Will Smith blew up an alien space ship that came to destroy the earth! What a great flick that was fun to watch again after so many years. It took a threat from beyond our world in that movie to cause not only all political parties, but all nations to set aside their differences and unite against a common enemy.

In our current political climate, I wonder if even aliens could distract us from the current strife that besets us. Times are troubling – and I’m not one that believes we ought to just all hold hands and sings Kum-Baya. I do believe the very future of our Great Nation hangs in the balance with this next election – but on this 4th of July, I won’t take the time to point out how or why as I suspect most my readers share mu values and concerns, and agree that while we ought to be engaged as citizens of this Great Nation – and try our best our turn back the tide toward what our founding fathers intended…

As a Christian, I am also a citizen of another Great Kingdom. And so on this day, while I celebrate American’s Independance from the tyrany of the past, and hope to fight off any potential tyrany in the near future – I also celebrate my Dependance on my Sovereign God who determines the Rulers of the world, their rise and their fall, according to His Grand Purposes. So even if and when things don’t go as I would like in the affairs of men, my trust in His Plan is solid, so I celebrate Dependance Day first, and Independance Day second.

For I am a Citizen of Heaven first, and an American second, but proud to be FREE to be BOTH!

God Bless America, the Land of the Free!

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