It All Stacks Up to FUN!

As I leaked last August when I was looking for trial churches, Sport Stacking is coming to Awana Clubs this fall!

It’s no secret that I not only love Sport Stacking, but have also used it as an super duper fun outreach in my own ministry. I’ve stacked against an NFL football player, a world champion sport stacker (and won), used Speed Stacks to teach (They All Fall Down), or just for fun at birthday parties (As Angry Birds and in a Human Tower Escape). But my favorite and most effective times are when I use them at church as a way to connect with kids, getting them excited about coming to church and bringing their friends.

Which is why I started nicely pestering my friends at both Speed Stacks and Awana years ago about the need for a partnership. After many brain storming meetings with the Sport Stacking experts at Speed Stacks and the Awana Game experts at Awana we have come up with some really fun games for the Awana Circle. Next, we had nearly 50 churches try them out during the last club year, and offer laboratory-tested improvements to make them even better!

And now… (drum roll…) Coming this fall…


Watch a video of a sample Awana Circle Game in action here.

The Awana Sport Stacking Game Book is ready, exclusively available in the Awana Sport Stacking Game Kit!


If you are looking for a GREAT CLUB, consider Awana! Having an Awana Club as a part of my children’s ministry has always been not only the most effective outreach ministry of the children’s ministry, but of the entire church everywhere I have served.

If you are looking for a GREAT MINISTRY TOOL, check out Speed Stacks! They are fun and effective regardless of what type of ministry club program you are running — kids church, sports camp or whenever kids are at church and looking for something fun to do!

If you are lucky enough to already have an Awana Club, be on the lookout for the Awana Sporting Stacking Game Kit, available for your church soon.

BUT NOW… enjoy this BEHIND THE SCENES video of the production of the Instructional DVD Awana is preparing for churches all over America. We’ve been working hard to get Sport Stacking ready for Awana!

 Don’t Be a Slacker… Be a Stacker!

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