Just search my blog for CPC and you’ll see I’ve been blogging about how amazing it is for many years. As far as I can tell, I am the record holder for the most consecutive CPC’s since I’ve not missed a single one in any location for the past 43 events. They are just plane fun! This year, we have already given away over $12,000 in kidmin resources!

Here are some of the video highlights from the first CPC of 2014, and I may toss in a few bonus ones from years past, just for extra measure:

Joel and Stan in the Kidology booth where every SPIN was a WIN!

JUMBO Sport Stacking with TWO Opponents… who won?

I got to race against a US Sport Stacking Champion… it wasn’t pretty…

Every year we do a Kidology Gathering… this is an intimate get together with no agenda other than to get to know each other, encourage and have fun. It is always a highlight of CPC, and YES, you are invited. Just watch Kidology.org for time and location while you are at CPC. This year’s Gathering featured an explosion by Joshua the Wild n Wacky scientist from ScienceVBS.com

Last year I got lots of great feedback from my Resource Room Video Tour which I plan to do again at CPC14 West:

You also enjoy this CPC Highlight Video I created last year after Orlando:

People still talk about this one… the amazing BOX JUMP!

If I were to combine all my Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Twitpic and other social media CPC posts over the years…. it would be quite overwhelming.

The Point: CPC is a LOT of fun and I hope to see you there someday!



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