CPC14 Resource Center Interviews!

One of my favorite things about the Children’s Pastors Conference is the Resource Center. CPC remains the ONLY kidmin conference that provides a level playing field for all resource providers and publishers. While publisher created conferences can be fantastic, I love CPC because there is no agenda other than equipping and encouraging. Enjoy the other conferences, but be sure to come to CPC where you can learn about all that is NEW and exciting in Kidmin. I especially enjoy meeting small ministries/companies that are just starting out and love helping them get the word out about what God has laid on their heart to create and share, often out of their own family or church ministry success. That is what gave birth to Kidology.org – sharing what I’ve learned – so I celebrate a place where I can meet others with that same passion.

Brandon, Barney and I ready to Equip & Encourage!

Brandon, Barney and I ready to Equip & Encourage!

We enjoyed exhibiting – but we love to share what others are doing as well! Kidology exists to help YOU FIND what you are looking for, even if it’s not on Kidology.org – that’s our Mission!

Here is a collection of videos I did with my iPhone on a pole so you could meet these great folks and learn about what they are doing to HELP YOU in your children’s ministry.

Watch each one, they are short!

Midweek Madness:

Science VBS:

Egglo (for Easter!):

Awesome Video Stuff:

Sparkie Summer Program (no Awana club needed!):

Teaching Kids How to Pray:

FREE Curriculum?!?!?!

I hope you will support these ministries by checking out what they are doing and if you can use what they offer, encourage them with a purchase! It is the best way to keep people innovating for children’s ministry!

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